Special Executive Meeting March 22, 2010

Renforth Boat Club


Date: March 22, 2010


Topic:  Special Executive Meeting


Present: Rheal Guimond, Gary Jones, George Walker, Andrew MacIntyre, Paul Berube, Ken Durning, Derek Ingleton.


Calling the meeting to order 19:50


Purpose of meeting to set new rates for 2010


Current minutes:


Discussion of meeting started on the upkeep of the building and fees that could be increased to generate revenue.


The club has the responsibility to upkeep the building as per the lease agreement with the town of Rothesay.


A potential avenue to increase revenue is to promote membership as well and possibly advertise on kijijii.


Also, could advertise at the end of the driveway that memberships are available.


There was discussion on a comparison of other boat clubs in the area to determine if we are offering the same value of service for the fees that we are charging.


Recommendations for an increase in fee for beer/liquor/wine to be increase to $3.00 per bottle.  Coolers, water and pop to remain the same.


Recommendation to increase storage fees by $25 from $175 to $200.


Recommendation to increase house rental to $50.


Recommendation to increase the membership dues by $50 from $400 to $450.

Motion to accept recommendations by Derek Ingleton and seconded by George Walker



Respectfully Submitted,



Andrew MacIntyre

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