September executive minutes

Renforth Boat Club Executive Meeting
Minutes of the Executive Meeting September 20, 2016

Bruce Herrington, Eric Phinney, Rheal Guimond, Steve Hanson, Brian Taylor, Jamie Patterson, George Walker, Boyd Tucker, Lloyd Hodgin, Scott Langille, Stan Prime, Greg Condon

Regrets: ​(1) Daryl Caines

Meeting called to order at 19:30, by Eric Phinney, Commodore.

Minutes of last meeting:
The minutes of the August Executive meeting were read by Bruce. Motion to Minutes approved as read by Greg Condon, seconded by Boyd Tucker. Carried.

Old Business: Outstanding Action Items read by Bruce H(see list below).

Commodores Remarks – Respecting our Roles / who is on the executive?
“From time to time it has been brought to my attention that members outside of their area have been acting on their own in the realm of others. I am naming no names nor implying anything beyond; Please be respectful of the office of others. If you want to do something with the house, check with the House Chair, If you want to do something with the Grounds, check or with the Grounds Chair etc. We appreciate any work that members are doing to better our facility but it is discouraging when we act as independent agents. If you are not sure then please check with myself.

See article 6.01 and 6.02 of the bylaws. We must make sure that when we elect other committee chairs such as Membership, Long range planning, Constitution etc that they are explicitly included as voting executive members. I believe that it is already implied in the constitution but to be on the safe side and to be clear, I believe it has long been the tradition and understanding that if someone is elected as chair of anything they are automatically on the executive as a voting member.”

Lease Report from meeting with John Jarvie, Town Manager​
– (see separate attachment below).

Correspondence: No correspondence

Treasurer’s Report: Boyd took us through our latest financials, as at August 31. Accounts Receivable is at $3,200, including (3) sail-boaters owing for 2016 launch. Boyd to email details to Bruce and he will remind these individuals that they must be paid in order to be hauled-out.

House Committee: Roof is now pressure-washed.

Harbour Committee: Scott advises everything in order & members can come to him if they want to inspect their mooring.

Yard-Powerboats: Jamie: Railcar has been painted. Gallows cradle is being moved Thursday to North end of rails. Haul-out is October 1st. 2 rails to be replaced this week/next.

Yard-Sailboats: Sailboats being hauled Saturday, Sept 24th, 5 boats planned. Using Larry’s Crane & Welding this year.

Grounds/Environment: Gate has been installed with chain but no lock yet. Suggested we mark it somehow. Greg Condon to get a lock & keyed to our clubhouse keys.

Membership: Rheal to investigate fees at other clubs, particularly the Initiation Fee. Eric suggested we look into other types of memberships, such as social and associate. Rheal to call a special meeting, after boats are out of the water, to review new membership ideas.
Volunteers to serve on special committee: Rheal, Brian, George, Boyd.

Social:​ Fall Supper planned for some time mid-late October.

Constitution: Lloyd. Changes to by-laws required to adopt Operation Manual.

➢ Notice of Motion by Lloyd Hodgin for the October 2016 General Meeting:

“I move that the By-Laws be amended as highlighted in red on a copy of the By-Laws posted on the bulletin board at RBC.
The amendments clarify and bring consistency to actions of members who;
a) Are overdue in dues payment
b) Have a high refreshment account balance OR
c) Have boat storage payment problems”

Long Range Plan: N/A

Nominating committee: N/A

Refreshments: Steve reports we were short 12 beer, 2 pop, 2 water.

New Business:
-Gary Splane’s boat is still in the yard but he is planning to sell boat, sell us his mooring and he will only owe us approx $50. Much discussion followed. Eric will speak to Gary & clarify our position…that his account needs to be paid in full in order to be in good standing and keep his boat in the yard(membership privileges). If still not resolved in 14 days then Bruce(as secretary) will send a Registered Letter officially giving him a Final Notice.
– Boyd is in the process of assessing a value to our moorings, as part of an overall asset valuation.
– It was also asked of Boyd to get an accountant’s opinion on recording of HST as a liability and filing an Income Tax Return.

Motion by Boyd: That membership fees for all members be reduced to $430. A launch/haul-out fee of $60 will be implemented. Seconded by George Walker. Carried.

Clarity regarding when we charge Summer Storage & Winter Storage:
​​Summer​-​July 31
​​Winter​​- ​October 31

Motion by Bruce: ​Bill monthly Summer Storage of $50/month starting 30 days after last launch date. Seconded by George. Carried.

Motion by Boyd: ​ Accept rate schedule as presented. Seconded by Rheal. Carried.

Motion to adjourn at 21:26 by Greg Condon. Carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bruce Herrington,


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