Sailboat Haulout

2016 Sailboat Haul-out
Saturday, September 24, 2016 – 8am
Larry’s Welding & Crane Rental
Lawrence – 506 633-1987
• $175/hr
• Min 3 hr charge
• Will provide spreaders & smaller length straps
Boats being hauled:
▪ Bruce Herrington​7500lbs​​cradle​​club lift trailer to RBC yard(Loyalist)
▪ Daryl Caines​​12000lbs​cradle​​Mark Kierstead’s boat trailer to RBC
▪ Bob Pinette​​?​​trailer​​Loyalist to tow to home
▪ Chris Ross​​?​​cradle​​Mark Kierstead’s boat trailer to home
▪ Greg Robart​​?​​trailer​​club lift trailer to RBC yard(Loyalist)
➢ Loyalist and Mark Kierstead not available on 24th. Boats will have to be left on wharf & moved Sunday or Monday
➢ Cradles & trailers to be moved to wharf Thursday night, Sept 22nd.(cradles on wing; trailers on left side, close to where wing starts)
➢ Proof of Insurance to Bruce H. no later than September 19th.
➢ Please have your boats marked for placement of straps and know whether or not you need to add a length and how much
➢ All boat owners required day of haul-out until all boats & masts lifted & moved
• Sails & boom removed prior to Saturday, Sept 24th
• Ensure batteries fully charged
• Control lines & fenders in place
• Tools for de-rigging ready(pliers, wire cutters, vise-grips, screwdriver; tape, etc)
• running rigging tied off or taped where possible
• Cradles inspected & ready(pads lowered, placement of keel or other indicator of where to place boat on cradle, etc)

Please contact Bruce H. to confirm your boat is being hauled and/or for any clarification or input on the above:
506 651-0792

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