Sail Boat Launch May 30

A reminder to sail-boaters that our launch date is Saturday, May 30th, 8am(weather permitting of course). Boats in the yard will be moved Friday night, the 29th, starting at 4pm. Please ensure you are fully ready prior to 29th .
Please review the Checklist below:

• Boats should be ready for transport to the wharf, prior to Friday night the 29th and all owners must be present
• proof of insurance is required prior to launch date(email or leave copy at clubhouse my attention)
• make sure each boat has tool kit of needed tools
• clevis pins/cotter pins, ring pins available with spares
• top of mast checked, wind vane, electronics, lights
• check of standing rigging for rust stains, broken strands
• check of all mast hardware for loose fasteners etc
• lubricate mast track with slide lubricant
• fenders in place over the side of the boat
• bow line, stern line, spring line in place
• bilge pump check
• engine start check
• water circulation pump checked
• water circulation circuit connected with seacock open
• all other seacocks closed
• Ideally 6 guys are needed for stepping a mast
 mast butt
 headsail foil/forestay
 backstay
 port shrouds
 stb shrouds
 signal
• Review with mast stepping crew the particulars of that mast and boat. Every boat is different.
• Return mast dolly, saw horses, cradles
• Stay around until all the boats are done please

I would ask that you confirm to me by email that you are participating in the launch & provide contact info.

Any questions please call. 651-0792


About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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