Report of the Harbourmaster May 17, 2011

The ArbySea has been repaired and is ready for service.

Out board has been serviced and installed.

Tires have been mounted on cleaned and painted rims.

The Gallows has had the new winch installed and the cleat repaired and is ready for Launch

It will likely be two weeks before the water has dropped enough to launch sailboats.    We will monitor this on a day to day basis and when it is ok to go we will be in touch with sailboat owners to organize a launch.  Watch your email!

All moorings have been marked with floats.  Two have been rigged.  Others will be rigged after the ArbySea is in the Water.


About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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