Report of the Harbourmaster April 19 2011

Note: this was the report presented.  To see the results of this you should look at the revised Mooring Policy.

Harbour is clear of ice, water is a-rising, moorings have begun to be marked.

  • So far only one person has indicated a desire to launch a sailboat on the 21st of May so this launch date should be suspended until there is more interest demonstrated.   The crane has not been booked and will not be until there are at least 5 boats ready to be launched.  Another date should be decided upon.
  • A new winch has been purchased for the gallows and the following jobs need to be completed.
    1. mounting plate made for winch on the deck of the gallows.  The cables are short because of the high current they will need.  This will also allow us to build a box to cover the winch.
    2. welding needs to be done on the legs of the gallows
    3. snatch blocks for in front of winch and on gallows for cable.    This could be part of the mounting plate.
    4. repair cleat on corner of gallows.  One of these was really loose last year.
    5. get proper chain hooks, chain, shackles for safe operation, recommend that we go with a standard size i.e. 3/8 inch for chain and hooks.
  • Arby Sea has had the bottom prepared and the leaks fixed.   Still to do is the damage to the side rail.
    1. Dive ladder and tow bit is under construction.  Donations of scrap steel would be appreciated.  Need some 2 or 3 inch pipe.
    2. Motor should be taken to Sutherland’s for service.
    3. Tires on trailer should be repaired, replaced or have green goo put in them.
    4. Boat Lanuched and secured to wharf.
  • Please check and replace your headlines as necessary, as well as all hardware.   When attaching your float this is a good time to check your top chain.     If you want RBC to put your float out for you please let the harbourmaster know (email or a comment on the web page. (Do you need a mooring) , your account will be charged $20
  • Recommend that the price of a mooring provided by the club be increased to $400.  This will not include the float or headlines.  These are to be provided by the member.   The club will raise the mooring to the surface and do a inspection with the member present and then reset the mooring and install the members float and lines.  After this it is the members responsibility.   This will become part of the mooring policy.
  • Question regarding mooring transfers.  Is it OK for a member who has a mooring to give, rent or sell a mooring to another member? or… someone outside the club?  Can this be enforced/controled?  Our current polices say that moorings not in use, come back to the club, are refurbished and then sold to other members.  It would be good to have some clarity on this.    I would recommend that our policy should be that if a mooring is not required by a member, that the member make the mooring available to the harbormaster for temporary assignment and that the club collect the rental fee and also rig and de-rig the mooring.   If there is maintenance required it will be the owners responsibility.
  • Mooring purchases and assignments:
    1. The following moorings are available for use/purchase.    Ed Stansfield’s mooring.   He said last year we could rig it and use it.   It is available for rental $300 for the season.    Gary Jones Mooring is available for sale.   Ron Dow’s may be available for rental.  Paul Curwin’s mooring may be for rent.  There is also a spare RBC Mooring that is usually used as a guest mooring to the south west of StudyTime.
    2. The following people need moorings:  Dudley Barrett, Chris Gallant, Max Herrington, Scott Langille (may be making his own) Steve Milbury




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