Report of the Harbourmaster AGM Feb 2011


No Vessels broke free of Mooring for the fist time in several years.

Much work was done to ensure safe moorings.

We must continue to inspect gear prior to use.  Key areas to look at are:

  • Head lines (renew every 2nd year if Poly, every 3rd year if Nylon)   check chafing gear, Length is 1.5 times the distance from the Bit to the Water.  (This is probably shorter that you have now)
  • Attachment Hardware to Mooring Ball or Log – Check Condition and wire.  (Don’t use old wire)
  • Check Condition of float, log or Ball
  • Check Hardware Connection to top Chain
  • Check Top Chain Condition at Top
  • Check top Chain Connection to Bottom Chain.  (This may need a dive, but best to use Gallows and pull it up.   Your Bottom Chain should be long enough to reach the surface with out pulling the stone)
  • Dive Check Bottom Chain and Connection to Block

Recommendation to purchase a heavier Electric Winch to facilitate continued mooring checks.    Cost Approx $350 at Costco.   The old winch is toast.

If you have empty 4 l jugs please drop them off in the heritage building.  We need about 40.

Solar Panels were installed on both the Arby Sea and the Gallows.

Having the RBC and the Electric Winch on the Gallows made a big difference in servicing Moorings this year.

Plans for Arby Sea this spring to include the installation of a Towing bit and a Dive Ladder assembly; Volunteers welcome!   It also needs some work done on the hull and bumpers.

KMZ file is available to view all current mooring files on Google Earth on the website. contact harbour master for username and password.     Detailed info is available in a database.


Submitted by Eric Phinney

About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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