Report of the Harbour master January 2012

Renforth Boat Club
Report of the Harbour Master January 17th 2012
Ron Dow has written to us indicating that he has no further use of his mooring.    This mooring position will be available for members needing a mooring in order of seniority.   Please apply to the Harbour Master.  I will post a list of available moorings and sites.
It is not too early to begin to collect Jugs to mark mooring lines in the spring.    Please put them in the Heritage building.
Now is a good time to think about your Headlines.  Headlines are very important for a number of reasons. 1)  They are a common failure point in a mooring system.  2) People mistakenly believe that a long headline makes your mooring better.  3) Long headlines cause mooring fields to be too spread out.  4) Long headlines can more easily be damaged by outboard props.    Take the following steps to ensure that you have the best possible headline system.
Use Nylon instead of Poly.  It lasts longer, is stronger and does not float.  If it does not float then it is not a target for a passing propellor.   Tie a pickup float to the end.The correct length is from the water to the chock times 1.5 or 2.   Yes this is very short compared with what most people are using but is what is commonly enforced in many mooring fields.  Change your headlines regularly.    Two years for POLY, three or four for Nylon.Inspect for chaffing around the thimble and where it goes over the chock.   Add chaffing gear at the chock.The Harbour Master is happy to advise on rope size and length for your vessel.
In the last couple of years the most common failure point of mooring systems is at the attachment of the top chain to the bottom chain or at the point where the top chain leaves the bottom of the harbour.    I have observed chain that appears good at the top may show extreme wear at this point.    While a dive check may identify this, it is always best to lift a mooring system up to the surface every few years.    With our electric winch on the gallows now this is an easy chore.
If you are new to the club and require a mooring please send me a note.  There are several available for purchase.
Please ensure that your mooring is serviced and in good condition prior to launch.   This is your responsibility.

Respectfully Submitted Eric Phinney     Harbour

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