Preparation for Sailboat Haul out

This Saturday Oct 16th is the final haul out day for RBC Sailboats.  What follows below is a check list to help things go smoothly.

1) Please make sure that your cradle/trailer is identified and is
accessible.   We will be working in the yard on Friday afternoon/evening to move cradles and trailers into position for Saturday.   If we don’t know which one is yours then there is little we can do.  Please use paint and put the name of your boat on the cradle/ Trailer

2) The placement of boats in the yard is up to Paul Berube,  please check with him if you have special needs and requests.   As you can  see we are very challenged for space and need to use every available location and place boats where they will not block others first.

3) we will be taking the masts down first so it is imperative that boats be in at the dock and ready to pull the masts by 9:00am when the crane is here. Practically speaking this means that you should arrive at the club by 8:00 a the latest and have things striped off possibly the night before. If you have not done this before here are a few tips:  replace all cotter pins and ring clips with a piece of copper wire.  This can be removed by hand and it is no great loss if you drop it.  Loosen off your back stay and
your starboard shrouds.   Disconnect your antenna wire, your power to your lights on the mast and any other instruments.   Remove booms and sails and anything else that normally is removed for the winter.  Have on hand a down haul rope that can be tied on to the sling.   Now it is very easy to get your mast out quickly.   Remember we pay by the hour!    When you are next in line you have your inner stays disconnected and then loosen you back say and one side stay.   You can leave your forestay and the opposite side stay made up tight, this will make tuning  your rig in the spring much easier. Do not remove any clevis pins until the sling is around your mast and the crane operator has taken up the slack.   There is NOTHING else hold your mast up when you pull those pins.

If you can’t do this Saturday AM then I would recommend you come in Friday Afternoon or evening.   All masts must be down before we re-rig the crane to lift the boats.  If we do not do this efficiently it will mean that we have to increase fees so please be prompt and efficient.      We will need to have the boats tied up to the wharf and ready to move into position if required.   Please have dock lines ready and fenders in place.

Masts will be removed from the nearest boat first. (the one in the inside corner)  As the masts are removed they will need to be taken immediately to the rack as we don’t’ want to block traffic on the wharf.

4)  There will be two or possibly three cradles placed on the dock on Friday.  The first boat that is to be lifed out should be one that does not have its cradle on the dock.  This is so that after that boat is hauled up the road we can lift the next boat out and place it in a cradle without waiting for the truck to return, with a crib or trailer.  This system really works well and keeps the crane going all the time.

5)  It is helpful for everyone to have a pair of pliers or vice grips in their pocket as well as some black tape for binding up stays and halyards. Work gloves are recommended.

6)  As you know we have purchased a hydraulic trailer for use with the cribs.  I am familiar with its use and would appreciate a few others to get up to speed in how to operate it.

I will be working the hydralic trailer and Daryl Canins will be making the decisions about which boat will come out next.   Daryl will let you know when you are “on deck”, which in baseball parlance means that you are next, so get ready!

IN september we lifted 6 boats in 3.5 hours.  Let us see if we can best that!    We also have the dinghy docks to remove.   They will be floated over and tied along side when we are getting finished up.

Please stay with us for the whole time, it takes many hands for this to work well!

Looking forward to a great day of working together.

Eric Phinney


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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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