Poem 2015

A Renforth Boat Club Christmas poem 2015 by Rev. Eric Phinney

The Boats are all wrapped The bilges all drained
all upon stands and cribwork all secure and maintained.

Cushions and tea cups; Wine glasses and sunscreen, all put away
waiting for sunshine and the new season after May

An early fall storm took its toll once again
With groundings and scrapings and other broken things.

The dinghy docks made it through only loosing one pin
Hardware is not as good as it once had been.

Mooring chains seemed to let go about one each month
We will upgrade our mousing so we don’t have to shout: Hey Paul, Hey Dudley, Hey Danny. Your boat’s gone adrift

Well the head is renewed and upgraded. The deck is now straight and repainted.
The slides now level and bolted secure. Just the gallows are waiting for a bit more.

The top of the Jack Walker is replete with new roofing
Windows and door, cedar siding now shimmering

Work crews this summer have been supper amazing
All that is left now is a bit of creative glazing

Of course we enjoyed our BBQs, raft ups, and Swims
Even if we only had one engine to get in.

But now the days are short The nights are long
there will be ice in the harbor and fishing shacks to put on.

Some boats with theirs captains have found other harbours
Others have landed here and made this their summer parlour

The season of Advent is here right now
It is the count down to Christmas and remembrance of just how

It’s a season for the giving of thanks And the pondering life
It is a time to end hunger, discord and strife.

This is the day and this is the hour
When God himself made his advisory cower

He walked in our midst He traveled our roads
He sailed our great ships And he listened up close

He shared with us his thoughts and his heart
He modelled a life that he could impart.

Jesus our saviour A fishermen’s friend
Stands in our midst on this night once again.

About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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