November executive meeting minutes

Nov Executive Meeting

Minutes of Executive Meeting Nov 20, 2012

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance: George Walker, Rhoda and Jim Flood, Stan Prime, Lloyd Hodgin, Rheal Guimond, Derek Ingleton, Glen Moore, Dwight Allaby, Daryl Caines

Meeting called to order at 7:35 pm.

Minutes of the October General meeting were read by the secretary. The minutes of Sept Executive meeting were read. M-Daryl, S-Lloyd, that the minutes of the Sept Executive meeting be accepted. Carried

Business arising from the minutes.

Correspondence – A letter was received from Jill Logan thanking the Club for its support of the 2012 Dragon Boat Festival. A promotional flier was received from Inside Self-Storage International.

Committee reports

Treasurer’s Report- The treasurer’s report was circulated by Lloyd. Items were discussed. The month end balance stands at $5340.00 The long term savings account stands at $8744.00 M-Derek S- Rheal the report be accepted. Carried.

House – Steve not present. Steve sent an email to the membership reminding all members of their responsibility when they are on club house duty.

Yard – Paul not present.

Harbour – Eric not present

Social – Sharon not present. On Sharon’s behalf, George asked for volunteers to make potato salad for the Christmas party. Coleslaw can be purchased. The committee is planning on 50 for the Christmas party. Various members agreed to help with the dinner. George will coordinate with Steve re: supplies.

Refreshments – Glen reported that as of his last bar muster we were short on beer, spirits, and water but over on wine for a profit of $107.

Grounds – Greg not present. The lawn mower has been put away for the season.

Safety – Gas cans are not to be stored in the Heritage Building. Any gas containers in the building are to be removed immediately.

Membership – George will look after membership until the end of the year

Environment – Refer to safety report

New Business

Rheal asked who is authorized to use the winch. A short discussion followed. This will be addressed by the constitution committee.
A discussion followed concerning the dusk to dawn light in the yard. Stan will check with NB Hydro.
The New Year`s Levee was discussed. Win Taylor will be approached to organize this.
A card of condolence was sent to Dave Hill`s family. A wreath was placed for Remembrance Day
Stan raised the question about purchasing computer software for billing. Lloyd will look into it.
Derek said the security camera system is not working. Cosco will take it back but everything must be returned. A team is needed to disassemble the unit.
A discussion followed concerning the light in the boat yard. It needs attention. Brad Bourque will be asked to check into this.
The Constitution committee will meet at 4:30, Monday, Nov 26.
Stan will contact Eric Hughes concerning Eric’s boat. It is on a trailer in the Bill McGuire parking lot and should have been moved after haul out.
Rheal raised concern about late payments of fees and dues. A large discussion followed concerning how to deal with this issue.
Rheal raised concern about getting members to donate time to the club. An option to pay an extra fee to those members who don`t contribute time was one suggestion.
A discussion followed concerning insurance. Members are to have a copy of their insurance policy on file in the binder.

Motion to adjourn – M-Derek, S- Glen, the meeting adjourned at 9:05

Respectfully submitted;

Daryl Caines


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