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Below are the new constitution and bylaws documents. It should be noted that while we did pass a set of new bylaws last year we have now put the bits of the bylaws in the constitution and the bits of the constitution in the bylaws as appropriate. Please read over both documents. These will be presented for recommendation to be accepted at the next executive meeting and then moved for adoption at the AGM in January. If you have comments to make, it would be most helpful if you would pass these along to an executive member before the next meeting.




1:01 This association shall be known as the “RENFORTH BOAT CLUB LIMITED”, referred to herein as “RBC”’
1:02 The Constitution will be kept up to date on the RBC website and posted in the RBC clubhouse.


2:01 The purpose of the club shall be: –

A. To promote safe boating and associated sports.
B. To encourage and assist its’ members in becoming proficient in all phases of yachting.
C. To provide launch, haul-out, storage and other boating related services for its’ members.
D. To be ever aware of and supporting of the improvement of our environment.
E. To be always aware of safety of the members of RBC.
F. To aid in all rescue efforts whenever possible.


I. General Meetings
3:01 The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held on the third Tuesday of January.

3:02 There will be THREE meetings for the general membership held within the calendar year. These meetings will take place on the THIRD TUESDAY of April, July and October. Together with the AGM this provides a meeting for the general membership at the beginning of each quarter.

3:03 Special general meetings of RBC may be called at any time by;
A) a resolution of the majority of the Executive Committee, all members of the Executive having been notified.
B) the Secretary within 21 days of the receipt of a written request by SIX or more members of RBC.

3:04 A three day notice will be given for all meetings in Article 3:03.

3:05 A schedule of events will be prepared at the beginning of the year. The dates for meetings listed there on will be deemed notice of such meetings.

3:06 Seven members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any General Meeting of RBC.

II. Executive Meetings
3:07 Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the Commodore.

3:08 Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be called upon the written request of four members of the Executive submitted to the Secretary. Such meetings shall be held within one week of the receipt of such notice by the Secretary.

3:09 Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be held at a location agreed to by all members.

3:10 Five members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum for all meetings.

3:11 All business to be considered at any special meeting must be stipulated in the notice. Only this stipulated business may be voted on at any such meeting.


4:01 Membership in RBC is open to all persons who are acceptable under the Constitution and By-Laws, who will accept and follow the Constitution and By-Laws, and who satisfy the members of the Executive Committee as to their desirability as a member.

4:02 RBC is a working form of club whereby ALL members must contribute time and effort to the support of its’ PURPOSE as explained in ARTICLE II of this Constitution.

4:03 Application for membership shall be on a form approved by the Executive and posted on the RBC website.

4:04 An applicants acceptance shall be determined by the Executive.

4:05 Every member shall ;
A. abide by the Constitution and By-Laws
B. sign a hold harmless agreement
C. provide an annual proof of boat insurance.


5:01 The officers of RBC shall be the Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Past Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary, and Treasurer and shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

5:02 The Commodore shall take command of the fleet, preside over all General and Executive Meetings.

5:03 The Vice-Commodore shall assist the Commodore and act in his absence.

5:04 The Rear-Commodore shall assist the Commodore and Vice-Commodore and act in their absence.

5:05 The Secretary shall:-
a. keep all records of the club and Executive Committee
b. issue the required notices of all meetings of RBC and the Executive Committee
C. Maintain a register of names and addresses of all members
D. Conduct the general correspondence of RBC

5:06 The Treasurer shall:-
A. Collect all dues and assessments and other monies payable to RBC
B. Send out all bills
C. Present financial reports to all members of RBC and to the Executive Committee


6:01 All chairpersons of Standing Committees as listed in RBC By-Laws are voting members of the Executive Committee.

6:02 The business affairs of RBC shall be managed by an Executive Committee which shall consist of the elected officers of RBC together with other members who shall be elected annually at the AGM and such other officers as may from time to time be appointed by the Executive Committee.


7.01 Articles of the Constitution may be amended at any quarterly General Meeting or specially called General Meeting of RBC upon a vote of 2/3 of the members present thereat, and upon notice in writing or by e-mail of such proposed amendment having been given to all voting members at least 10 days before the meeting at which it is to be considered.


8:01 Roberts Rules of Order will be used as the guide for conducting business should it become necessary.


Purpose; Due to the frequent turnover of the club’s executive and membership a set of by-laws (written Policies & Procedures) is a useful guide to clearly communicate to the membership how the executive is to deal with the operation of the club.
There is a presumption that every member of Renforth Boat Club is acquainted with it’s By-laws.
If there is a conflict between the Constitution and the Bylaws then the Constitution rules.
The By-laws will be kept up to date on the club web-site.


I. Amendments
II. Club Authority
III. Financial Policy
IV. Membership
V. Launch /Haul-out / Storage
VI. Mooring Policy
VII. Dock Usage
VIII Renforth Public Wharf
IX. Vacancy of Office
X. Special Committees
XI . Safety
XII Parliamentary Authority

1:01 The by-laws may be amended at any general or special meeting of the club upon a vote of a simple majority, (50% +1,) of the members present thereat, and upon a notice of motion in writing or by e-mail of such proposed amendment having been given to all voting members and posted on the club bulletin board at least 10 days before the meeting.

ARTICLE II – Club Authority

2:01 The membership, through their vote at the Annual General Meeting , have the highest authority in the club.
2:02 At the Annual General Meeting the voting members will ;
a) elect the new executive,
b) vote on the Treasurer’s operating budget , which will include a recommendation for the dues structure for the coming year and,
c) vote on the Finance Committee’s projected 5 year plan.
2:03 The elected and appointed executive are then entrusted with the authority to implement the operation of the club as closely as possible within the parameters set out at the Annual General Meeting.
2:04 Should the executive need to make a significant variation from it’s directive it must return to the membership through a notice of motion conducted in the same manner as in Article 1:01 above, before a Special or General Meeting.
2:05 The Executive Committee shall have the full power and authority:-
A. to supervise, control and conduct all the business affairs of the club
B. To elect and terminate membership in RBC in accordance with the By-Laws and Constitution .
C. To approve payment of all accounts of RBC.
D. To engage such employees as may be considered necessary.
E. To establish and appoint such committees as may be considered necessary and to fill any vacancies in any of the elected offices which may occur during the year.
F. To enact such rules and regulations and establish such fees as may be considered necessary for the use and operation of RBC facilities and the safety and convenience of the members.

ARTICLE- III – Financial Policy

3:01 The Past Commodore, Commodore and Treasurer shall have signing authority.
3:02 One signature is required for all financial transactions.
3:03 No pre-signed blank cheques will be prepared.
3:04 No cheques are to be issued payable to cash or to bearer.
3:05 All cheques issued or electronic transfers made must have a proper paper trail.
3:06 All payments received in cash must have a sequential numbered receipt issued.
3:07 There will be only one bank account and one investment account for the club.
3:08 The total of the bank account and investment account will be maintained at a minimum balance of $5000 to be used at the determination of the Executive Committee.
3:09 All receipts presented to the Treasurer for payment must be approved by the Standing Committee Director who has the responsibility for the club area in which the expenditure has occurred, or by the Commodore in the Directors absence.
3:10 An internal audit of the Treasurer’s books will be performed annually by at least two members of an RBC Audit Committee..
3:11 Members for the Audit Committee will be nominated by the treasurer and elected for the coming year at the Annual General Meeting.

ARTICLE IV – Membership

Administration Of Membership

4:01 The total club membership is to be set by the Executive Committee.
4:02 Initiation fees for new members shall be determined by the Executive.
4:03 Membership shall be for a calendar year. Statements of account for membership dues and other charges shall be mailed or e-mailed to all members no later than March 1 of each year.
4:04 Membership application shall be on a form approved by the Executive Committee and posted on the website.

Associate Members

4:05 Associate memberships are made by invitation of the Executive only. They are to be made only to members who have been of a long service to the club.
4:06 Associate members may be boat owners but may not use RBC docking, mooring, haul out or storage facilities.
4:07 The associate members shall be allotted one vote among them at all General Meetings to allow them to express their collective opinion.

Disciplinary Measures

4:08 The Executive has the authority to assess additional fees on members who do not fulfil their work duties at the club in compliance with article 4:02 of the Constitution
4:09 The name of any member in arrears for dues or other charges for more than 60 days shall be posted by the Secretary on RBC premises. Should the member still be in arrears for a period of 30 days after posting, then at the discretion of the Executive, their membership may be terminated. (see Article 2:05 B) In any case, Club members whose dues are not paid in full by August 1 will automatically have all of their club rights suspended.
4.10 In the event that a problem with a member should arise – for example; abuse of privileges, non-payment of dues, etc., then the member may be called before a committee of one Past Commodore with 3 appointed non-Executive members, one of the non-Executive members is to act as chairperson.
This committee is to be appointed by the Executive annually at the AGM and has the authority to recommend action to the Executive Committee.
Refusing to appear before this board will result in termination from RBC. This committee shall report to the general membership.

Membership Rights

4:11 Fees for membership will give all immediate family members full club rights and privileges.
Each membership will entitle the member or an immediate family member, of voting age, to one vote.
Minors are not permitted on RBC property without their voting member.
4:12 The use of all of the club’s facilities is a right of every member through their annual dues with the exception of the use of those facilities which require an additional fee; such as personal use of the club house and boat storage.
4:13 The “rights” referred to in item 4:11 are defined as that which club members might expect to be the normal usage of their facilities; that is, what is not “out of the ordinary“.
4:14 Each club member may make private use of the clubhouse up to two times per calendar year for a fee.
4:15 Private use of the clubhouse is not permitted on Friday, Saturday or Sunday from June 1 through Sept 30.

ARTICLE V – Launch / Haul-out / Storage

5:01 A club member whose dues or launch/haul-out/storage fees are outstanding will not have their boat launched or hauled.
5:02 The launch and haul-out fee covers the towing of boats of up to 10,000 lbs and the craning in and out of the water. The installation or removal of masts is at the owners expense.
5:03 Each boat owner must provide proof of insurance annually, before launch, to the Yard Committee Chairman.
5:04 Storage of members boats may be available on site depending on space. Designation to an available space will be based on seniority.
5:05 The Executive will set the storage fees.

ARTICLE VI – Mooring Policy

Acquiring A Mooring
6:01 Requests for a mooring placement or relocation must be made through the Harbourmaster.
6:02 The Harbourmaster will make assignments based on club seniority from a membership list maintained by the Membership Secretary.
6:03 The Harbourmaster has the right to make exceptions due to extenuating circumstances such as ; age, health, skill level, size of vessel, use of vessel, etc.
6:04 The Harbourmaster will report all mooring changes at the next club meeting.
6:05 Club moorings, if available, may be purchased for at a price determined by the Executive.
6:06 A club mooring sold to a member will be raised for their inspection, the mooring will then be reset and their headline and float installed. The length of the headline must follow the Harbourmaster’s recommendations.
6:07 The completed mooring then becomes the responsibility of the club member.
6:08 A mooring will not be moved without making every effort to contact the owner before hand.
6:09 Mooring construction must all follow the standard as adopted by RBC.
6:10 The club does not rent moorings.

Vacating A Mooring
6:11 When a mooring is no longer required by a member then it shall be removed by the owner or it shall be offered to the club at a price determined by the Executive, on a recommendation made by the Harbourmaster.
6:12 A mooring is deemed no longer required when a person loses or gives up their membership or no longer owns a boat and does not have plans to purchase another one.
6:13 The owner of a mooring shall not give, loan or rent his mooring to another boat owner without informing the Harbourmaster.
6:14 If the owner of a mooring has no use for the mooring but wishes to retain ownership he may make the mooring available to the club for use at the determination of the Harbourmaster.

Mooring Inspections
6:15 All members shall have their mooring inspected at least every two years.

ARTICLE VII – Dingy Dock Usage Policy

7:01 The maximum length of a tender kept on the dingy dock will be 12 ft/3.65 metres . The only exception is two 14 ft dingy owned by current club members as of Jan 2012.
7:02 The maximum horsepower of a dingy kept on the dingy dock will be 15 HP.
7:03 Tenders of a wooden , plastic or inflatable construction will be assigned on the south side of the dingy dock and those of a fibreglass or aluminum construction will be assigned to the north side.
7:04 Positions on the dingy dock will be numbered and assignments will be made annually by a draw.
7:05 Each dingy will be tied by the bow only and with the motor in the down position.
7:06 All members who lock their dingy must leave a key in the clubhouse.

ARTICLE VIII – Renforth Public Wharf

8:01 In an effort to maintain good public relations with the town of Rothesay the members of RBC are reminded of the following.
8:02 The town wharf is to be used for loading, unloading and emergency repairs only.
8:03 RBC members should move their boat to a mooring as soon as possible.

ARTICLE IX – Vacancy of Office

9:01 The Commodore has the authority to fill any office which has been permanently vacated
during his term in office.

ARTICLE X – Committees

10.01Standing Committees
RBC shall have the following Standing Committees
1. Rail/Slider Yard Committee
2. Crane Launch Yard Committee
3. Harbour Committee
4. House Committee
5. Refreshment Committee
6. Grounds Committee

10.02 Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall consist of three members of RBC approved by a resolution of the Executive Committee. This committee will present their report at the December Executive Meeting.

10.03 Other Permanent Committees
RBC shall have the following long term committees;
1. By-laws and Constitution Committee – appointed by the Commodore
2. 5 year Plan Committee – appointed by the Commodore, presents their plan at the AGM
3. Audit Committee – nominated by the Treasurer and elected at the AGM


11.01 All members are responsible for their safe conduct while at the RBC and the chairperson of each Standing Committee is responsible to see that their areas are safely maintained.
11.02 For safety reasons, the Heritage Building is exclusively for the storage of the club’s equipment, with the exception of oar storage.
11.03 Gasoline cannot be stored inside any RBC building.
11.04 Propane tanks cannot be stored inside any RBC building.
11.05 The chairperson of the Rail/Slider Launch Committee will maintain an active list of RBC members which he approves to operate the winch.

ARTICLE XII- Parliamentary Authority

12:01 Roberts Rules of Order will be used as the guide for conducting business should it become necessary

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