Moorings to Winterize

Please note that many winterization techniques have been tried by members over the years and many have failed resulting in grappling for moorings in the spring or hiring of divers to locate the mooring. The standard practice outlined below has proven to be the most reliable winterization technique for our harbor. Failure to follow this practice may result in you having to locate your mooring in the spring at your own expense.
Winterization Standard
All mooring balls, floats and headlines must be removed from the mooring in the fall of the year.
A 35 foot long single piece of ½” Superdan line is attached to the top links of the top chain using two half hitches with the bitter end (tail) tucked under one of the strands. The chain is dropped to the bottom of the harbor. This line is generally available for purchase from the club. See below for line details.
A single foam float is secured to the rope about 5 feet below the top of the water by sliding the float down the rope and securing it with a figure 8 knot (see below). This is low enough to ensure it is not caught by the ice. Prior to freeze up, there should be no knots or anything tied to the rope above this float.
During winterization a single float is tied to the top of the line as a temporary marker to mark the line making the harbor safe for late season boaters. The club has lobster buoys available for this purpose. Just help yourself to one. This float will be removed by the club in late fall.
In the end you will have a single line floating on the surface without any knots or anything tied to it. This will allow the line to pull through the ice during spring break up.

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