Mooring Winterizing and Docks Haulout

Happy thanksgiving and that means it is time to wrap up the boating season.

The last of the boats for RBC storage are now on shore and that means it is time for all boats be hauled out and all moorings winterized. Check in the Member Section of the website and find winterizing mooring instructions. Please remember to ensure your mooring tag is secured to your top chain and cleaned off. These tags have proven to be essential to mooring identification and greatly improves spring launch. Should you need floating winter (yellow) rope, there is rope available. Record your name and length of rope on the form in the Heritage Building.

The deadline for mooring winterizing is Oct 20. At that time all temporary floats/buoys will be removed leaving just your floating line. YOU ARE RESPOSIBLE FOR YOUR MOORING.

The dock trailer is on the wharf and that means the docks will be hauled out sometime during the week as soon a the crane can be scheduled. Any dinghies left will have to be moved to the public wharf along with the workboat.

Once the docks are finished haulout and all floats/buoys are removed, the workboat will be hauled out and winterized. The deadline is Oct 20.

Consult the Harbourmaster or Rear Commodore should you have any questions or concerns.

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