Minutes September 2015 executive meeting

Sept Executive Meeting
Minutes of the Executive Meeting Sept 15, 2015

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance: Jamie, Steve, Boyd, George, Rheal, Paul, Derek, Rick, Greg, Brian, Eric, Daryl, Stan, Bruce
Regrets: Lloyd Hodgen, Paul Jones , Scott Langille

Called to order at 7:30 Sept 15, 2015 with Eric chairing the meeting.
Minutes of the August Executive meeting were read. Moved by Greg, seconded by George, the minutes be approved as read. Carried.

Commodore’s Report: Fall is about to arrive. Many thanks for the volunteer work contributed to the club this summer: heritage building, deck, grounds, dinghy docks, and slides.
There are, however some challenges: sewer system, house, winch house, Membership

Treasurer Report: Lloyd was not present but sent an email. The general account has a balance of $8867.00. All bills have been paid and all cheques have cleared the bank.
It was noted that this is Lloyd’s last year as treasurer.

Correspondence: Two members have withdrawn their membership from the Club: Dick Daigle and Dave Mercer.
St. Joseph’s Foundation contacted Eric by phone and expressed their gratitude for the participation of the Club for the Dragon Boat Race.

Old Business: The cheque for $100 that was discussed at the last Executive meeting is to be credited to general funds. Donna’s expenses for the Renforth Shore Community Days have been paid by the Club.

The issue of the power boat that is still on the rails was addressed. Eric has contacted the member. The Club was in error in its procedure to address this boat. According to the Constitution, a member is only suspended but not removed from the club after Aug 1. The member has recourse and can be heard at a review. A cheque has been received from the member. Eric has drafted a proposal. A discussion followed. If the proposal is accepted the cheque will be deposited and the Club will work with the member to repair the rails under his boat and move it to the other end of the rails. This motion was moved by Rick, seconded by Derek. Carried. Eric will contact the member.

House Committee: Paul not present but he forwarded his report.
We had a good turnout at the Club House for the DB Festival. Daryl and I spent the day helping out, eating sandwiches and drinking slushies. Food was excellent. Had visits from RCMP and Inshore Rescue boats. The Club house was left in good shape.

Harbour Committee: Jamie was not present. Check head lines and mooring. Strong winds can be expected. We still have a month of sailing left.

Yard-Powerboats: Jamie has a work party arranged for tomorrow to work on the rails. First haulout for power boats is Sept 26.
Yard-Sailboats: Bruce stated that a crane and tow truck have been arranged for sailboat haulout on
Oct 3.

Grounds/Environment: Greg will paint fence posts in the driveway.

Membership: Rheal to collect keys from members who have left the Club.

Social: We have no social chairman. Stan said he and Dwight will assume the responsibilities as chairmen. In order to hold functions at the Club we need to have our septic problem resolved. Any functions now must be held off site.

Refreshments: Steve’s report not ready and will be submitted later this week. He will be absent for the next few meetings due to work.

Long Term Planning: Lloyd is still following the septic problem. The Town is in budgeting talks and now is a good time to approach the Town for money.

The Constitution needs to be updated for volunteer hours and for storage of boats. A policy is needed.

Motion to adjourn made by Rheal. The meeting adjourned at 8:40pm

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