Minutes of September Meeting and Haul-out for Sailboats

The final haul out for Sailboats will take place this saturday at 9:00am Sailboaters who are involved should be at the club at 16:00 on friday evening to help move cribs and prepare. Your boat should be in at the town dock by 8:00am Saturday morning. Our usual practice would also be to crane out the dinghy docks at this time as well so a work party will be required after the sailboats are lifted out.

The minutes of the September Executive Meeting are below

Renforth Boat Club – Executive Meeting September 18, 2012

Present: Eric Phinney, Steve Hanson, Steve Milbury, Rhoda and Jim Flood, Stan Prime, George Walker, Bob and Win Taylor, Rheal Guimond, Dwight Allaby, Lloyd Hodges, Paul Berube, Kathy Guimond

Meeting called to order at 7:40

Eric Phinney to act as secretary since Daryl is away.

Minutes of the Aug Meeting were read: e or o Paul/George carried

Business arising: question about the keys to the winch house, Paul has key, spare key to be located in heritage building.

Correspondence: Letter of thanks from Lori Flood regarding the Dragon Boat festival. over 1/4 million raised for Mens health.

Treasurer: Balance $8591, all major expenses have been paid, except Renforth construction. Motion George/Steve M Carried

House – Steve: nothing to report. There are some windows that have bad sills. Need to be replaced before winter. Building needs to be straightened first. 1st or 2nd week of october for work party to level building. 13th or 14th of Oct.

Yard – Paul: 1st haulout done, no problem Oct 20 is the final one. Thanks to Stan for some work in the yard with his machine.

Harbour – Eric: report given, see below

Harbourmasters report September 18, 2012

Dragon Boat race: Thanks to all who helped, there are t-shirts available for those that contributed.

I have met with Rafe and debriefed the events of the day.

Next year I have asked Rafe Hooper to communicate clearly to us the needs and expectations with respect to the course layout, the need for a start and finish boat. I have asked that Jill give us a clear request for the use of the club and provide the parking permits in a more timely manner.

Asked town engineer about establishing a Bench Mark so we can place a tide board on the Wharf.

Moved two moorings in the southern field to be better alligned. Paul Curwin and RBC 1

Established a position for a non member to have a mooring put in by the mooring man.

Ken’s mooring is Lost as is Mel Vincents. I know the positions and will dive for them either this fall or in the spring or as needed.

Mooring assigned to Steve Hanson – we will change top chain at our expense in the spring. Located in North mooring field

Removed a small block that was in the vicinity of Mel’s mooring. Can be used for a bouy or marker.

New float switch put in ArbySea and motor serviced after sinking.

It is time to begin to winterize moorings. Make sure that the rope you use is not the new rope from last year that didn’t work! I would advise purchasing a higher quality 1/2 inch poly similar to what is used in the fishing industry. Another suggestion would be to tie a small styrofoam float about 5 feet below the surface so that the rope only needs to float up 5 feet. I will be using a hard 8 inch bead that I picked up at Hamiltons. These are used successfully in Cathelines cove by the RYC. Please put a marker on the end of your line after you winterize and remove it once all the boats are out of the water.

Membership – no one is assigned to this. George will handle in interim. Eric was asked to put a note on the web looking for a volunteer.

Social – Sharon: not present George will follow up regarding a november event. weekend of 20th to coincide with the last haul out. Max of $400 Corn-beef and cabbage meal. Dwight will look for recipe and helpout, so will Lloyd. Once it is confirmed we will send out a notice with and RSVP to Sharon

Christmas Party: December 1st(first saturday) Lobster and Steak.

Thanks to Dwight for the corn boil event last week.

Refreshments – Glen: note present inventory done yesterday, looks really good. we are over in water and beer, estimated income was $94

Grounds – Greg: not present

Environment: Important to dispose of your own used oil. Canadian Tire will take it free. Note to be sent out.

Safety: no concerns

New business: eric will look into selling the old rails, Membership issues were addressed by commodore. Derek will be asked to contact one of the individuals regarding a boat to be removed.

Fixture cards, and membership cards. Rheal will do this next year!

Discussion around membership dues due date. We need to set the dues in January.

Suggestion that we put a limit on the refreshment tab.

Suggestion that we look into reciprocal arrangements. Dwight to look into it.

Adjournment; Moved by Lloyd, Carried

Next meeting is a General Meeting

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