Minutes of May General meeting

May 15, 2012

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance:   Eric Phinney, Win and Robert Taylor, Gus Morrison, Dwight Allaby, Paul Berube, George Walker, Steve Hanson, Stan Prime, Derek Ingleton, Lloyd Hodgin, Greg Condon, Dan Coles, Bill Allan, Terry Tomney, Dudley Barrett, Max Herrington, Dick Daigle, Ralph Hines, Daryl Caines.

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm.

Minutes of the Feb 21 AGM meeting were read by the secretary.

M-Lloyd,  S-George,  That the minutes be accepted. CarriedBusiness arising from the minutes.

Correspondence – None

Committee  reports

Treasurer’s  Report   The report was distributed by Lloyd. Items were discussed. The balance for the month was $9891.00.  Lloyd will miss the next meeting but a statement will be ready. M-Dudley S-Eric  the report be accepted. Carried

House-    Eric clarified the dates the club is not available for renting.

Yard- The sailboats first launch is May 19th. Power boats to launch on May 26th   and June 16th. Dudley has 5 sailboats ready to launch on the 19th and 6 for May 26th. These dates were picked due to availability of the crane. A discussion followed concerning the second launch for the sailboats. It was decided the second date for the sailboats be cancelled and another date agreed upon by those involved. The cost for the crane rental is  $100/boat.

The dingy docks will be launched on the 19th and moored but a work crew is needed. A discussion followed on the installation of bumpers and pins on the dingy dock.  A work party is needed for the evening of the 24th May to prepare for the power boat launch.

Harbour –  Report of the Harbourmaster   May 15th, 2012
Mooring Assignments:  Last Month at our executive meeting Ron Dow’s old mooring was transferred to George Walker.     George’s old mooring was transferred to Brad.   Note to Treasurer, please bill Brad for this mooring.

Mooring Found.   Yesterday during some routine work an old mooring was discovered and salvaged in the vicinity of Rick Wright’s mooring location.  Don’t worry Rick, this was not yours!   The log had obviously been on the bottom for a number of years.    This mooring has been hauled into our mooring recovery area and will be available for a larger vessel.    The block measures approx. 4 feet square by 18 inches deep.

There are still a number of moorings that have not been found.   I did find one on Monday and discovered that the Rope that was used to mark it was tightly curled.   Dragging the area with a grapple may help in making it float.

Please note that if your mooring has not surfaced you should at least drag the area with the grapple before asking for a dive to locate it.

As I have mentioned before, If you need a mooring and don’t have one, it is your responsibility to make the arrangements.   We do not rent moorings to members or anyone else.   Mooring belong to the members and are maintained by members. We do have some available at times, although I don’t know if they have been found yet.     We can’t launch your boat if you don’t have a place to tie it!   Please read our Mooring policy on the website.The Arbysea is available for members to use to rig their moorings.   Please keep your headlines short and in good condition.   Please wire all shackles.   If you have questions about any of this don’t hesitate to give me a call.   There are a number of us who can help.

The Gallows have been launched after some needed repairs were made,  Thanks Scott.

We are looking for a volunteer to repaint the No Wake Buoy.

Membership – Ed not present.  An application from Bill Gandy was withdrawn.

Social – Sharon submitted a schedule of events for 2012

June 2nd – Commodores Bash

July 1st – Canada Day

September – Corn Boil

December – Christmas Lobster Dinner

January – New years Levy

Anyone interested in organizing a separate event or assisting with the above events should connect with Sharon.

Refreshments – Glen was not present. The frig has been stocked. A discussion followed about the lock on the frig. The lock will be keyed the same as the door. The frig will be locked at all tims.

Grounds – Greg- The yard has been mowed. The present mower is not working well.

Safety – everybody is responsible

New Business

Dudley suggested the yard be divided into two areas, power and sail. A large discussion followed. M-Eric S-Dudley that the matter of the yard be referred to the constitution committee. Carried.

Rheal has ordered blocks for a retaining wall behind the building. Drainage to be addressed at same time. This will take place after launch.

Motion to adjourn –   Eric- Carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.
Respectfully submitted;

Daryl CainesSecretary

About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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