Minutes of Executive Meeting March 20, 2012


Attendance:  Bob  and Win Taylor, Lloyd Hodgin, Stan Prime, Daryl Caines, Paul Berube, Gus Morrison, George and SharonWalker, Eric Phinney, Jim and Rhoda Flood, Derek Ingleton,Dudley Barrett, Dwight AllabyRheal Guimond

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm

Minutes of the January executive meeting were read by the secretary.   M Real, S GeorgeThat the minutes be acceptedCarried

Business arising from the minutes.

Correspondence – none

Committee  reports

Treasurer’s report    Lloyd summarized the financial report. The bank balance was $7358.36.   M Lloyd  S-George. To accept the report. Carried

House    Steve Milbury was not present but new duty list has been posted. Stan suggested a hold on purchases. A discussion of the duty list followed. Duty and booking lists are on the website.

Yard  Paul Berube stated that the winch has been repaired.Approx $800. The launch dates will be given at the next meeting. There will be two launch dates for power and sail boats. Cooperation is necessary by all members to make thelaunch work effectively. Eric, on behalf of Herb, inquired about insurance.  Is Herb covered when he hooks onto a boat? A small discussion about liability followed.

Harbour  Eric stated there was one response for Ron Dows mooring. M  Eric, S – Paul that George take over Don’s mooring. Carried.  George’s mooring is available.  A navigation course with Pat Quinn will take place at the club over the next three weeksA notice has been emailed to the membership.

Membership  – This committee has no chairman. Stan stated we have an approximate membership of 52.

Social – Sharon stated the main events the committee will plan for are the New Years Levee, the Christmas party, the corn boil, and the Commodore’s bash. Volunteers are needed for other events. Associate members are to be asked to organize Canada Day.  A short and spirited discussion followed concerningauctions and yard sales.

Refreshments –  Glen was not present. The fridge is back in operation.  A discussion about the lock and keys followed. MRheal,  S – Paul, that a proper lock, that our keys will fit, be purchased for the fridge   Carried. Stan felt a sign should be placed on the fridge to remind members the fridge is to be locked at all times. Glen will do frequent inventories.

Grounds       Gregg Condon has agreed to do the grounds.

Safety – Everybody is responsible

Fees and Dues  M Lloyd, SDerek  Dues and fees remain the same as last year. Carried



New Business

Rheal reported that the gear for the winch is ready. This is a temporary fix. A discussion followed about a new or newer winch.

Chrisy and Paul Jones contacted George about renting the club for a function during the boating season on a weekendA discussion followed about the use of the club during the season. The request was regretfully denied unless the date is changed to a week night.

Eric spoke to the sale of Bonny’s property.   MEric, S-Derek, The commodore formally notify the Town  that the Town should buy the property if and when it comes up for sale.Carried

George informed the meeting that the Town has called for proposals for a 50 foot floating dock.

M. to adjourn, Lloyd S–               .Carried.  The meeting adjourned at 8:50






Respectfully submitted;

Daryl Caines


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