Minutes of executive Meeting Dec 18

Minutes of the December 18th

Meeting Called to order 19:38

Attendance: Stan, Derek, Paul B, Eric, Rheal

A quorum was declared after checking the constitution documents.

Minutes of the November executive were read by Eric (Acting as sec.) Moved by Derek, Seconded by Paul, Carried

Light is fixed, Eric’s boat is gone from the Parking Area, There is another light that needs a bulb. Rheal will called Brad to fix. There is still an outboard in the Heritage building. It will be removed tomorrow. One of the three outstanding bills has been collected.

correspondence: none

Finance: Bank Balance 5858 , we are in better shape than 1 year ago

House: no report

Yard: looks good, there are some areas that there is still a bit of a water problem, possibly the need for some drain tile. The town should be approached. Pictures will be taken as an example.

Harbour: Motion to purchase the deep shaft outboard from Daryl Rheal/Paul for 950 carried Motion to sell the 9.8 merc for $600 Moved by Derek and Seconded by Eric Carried

Social: Notice should be sent regarding the New Years Leve 2-4 snacks and social time free drinks.

Refreshments: Restocking has been done, down 12 shots, water down a bit… bottom line profit of $90

Grounds: Frozen

Environment: ok

Safety: no report

New Business:

Nominating Committee Report for 2013 Same Slate as last year.
Snow removal and sanding, Continue to use the same contractor
AGM Date January 15th (third tuesday)
Constitution and Bylaws: Moved that the revised Constitution and Bylaws be recommended for approval by the General membership. Derek, Rheal Carried

Meeting is adjourned 20:50

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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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