Minutes of executive meeting. Aug 16

Renforth boat club. Executive meeting. Aug 16 th

Attendance: Eric Phinney. Dudley Barrett Steve Milbury, Derek Ingleton, Jim flood, Paul Berube, Rhoda flood, Rheal Guimond, Lloyd Hodgins

Minutes of the June executive meeting were read by Eric

Acceptance of minutes. Derek. Lloyd. Carried

Business arising.

The current officers of the Renforth Boat Club Ltd are as follows

Commodore. Rheal Guimond
Vice commodore. Stan prime
Rear commodore. Derek Ingleton
Past commodore. Paul Berube
Secretary. Andrew MacIntyre
Treasurer. Lloyd Hodgin. (by acclamation)

Treasurers report
Document was circulated and explained by Lloyd
Bank balance as of July 31, 2011 $17682.11

Motion to accept. Jim Flood. Paul Berube. Carried

House: still messy. No report. Note to be sent to members to cleanup after themselves

Discussion regarding leveling the yard. Paul remarked that the estimates were out of line with our expectations. (outrageous). Members of the executive will continue to contact contractors.

Security issues. Brad Bourque to install a big light that will illuminate the dinghy dock. Brad will talk to doug about building a mount.

Talked about fencing the dinghy docks
Talked about removal of gas tanks

Harbour. Eric presented his report Moved by Eric seconded by Paul

Membership. There are a couple of applications out at this time

Social. Nothing to report

Grounds and environment
Andrew has resigned from this position. Steve Milbury has been appointed to head this up.

Refreshments nothing to report

Safety report
When clean ups are done we should make sure that people are adequately attired.

Business arising

Old docks. There are still some pieces left. They can go up for sale.

Well head. Needs to be brought up to code.

New business

Some members have not paid their fees. They will be sent reminders by the treasurer
Please welcome boaters from other clubs.

Get your RSVP into Dwight for the corn boil.

Seniors cruise this weekend.

Motion to adjourn. Derek. Paul Carried

Respectfully submitted
Eric Phinney

About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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