Minutes March Executive meeting

March Executive Meeting
Minutes of the Executive Meeting March 15, 2016

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance: Bruce H, Jamie P., Rheal G., George W., Ralph H., Eric P., Stan P., Steve H., Greg C., Scott L., Rick W., Lloyd H.

Regrets: Boyd Tucker, Ed Stansfield, Daryl Caines

Eric called the meeting to order at 19:30

Minutes of the February Executive meeting were read by Bruce . Moved by Rheal the minutes be approved as read., seconded by George, Carried.

Old Business: Eric had 2 keys & gave them to Rheal. Bruce H. to contact Daryl C. regarding Dick Daigle’s key. There was an error in our ad in Valley Viewer. Boyd followed up and we are getting a month free due to error. Bruce H. confirmed that a Get Well card was mailed to Bill Allen. Bruce H. also reported that he contacted Derek to offer associate membership & he accepted.

Treasurer Report: Boyd was not able to attend but provided an email report which was read by Eric. It is below verbatim. Eric suggested that we may need to f/up on some membership fees that are due, after Boyd deposits & records the cheques that are in the clubhouse right now. Executive wants to maintain paper statements with optional emails.
Boyd’s email:
Here are my points for tonight:
1. The bank balances are: operating $8,508.40 and investment $9,125.43
2. Bayview has issued a T5 of $117.11 for 2015 on our investments, approximately 1% return.
3. Total accounts outstanding at the end of 2015 was $9,418, which does NOT include 2016 membership, and is now 60+ days old.
4. Total accounts owing at the end of January added $21,900 for all memberships, totalling $31,318 before January payments.
5. To date in 2016 6 full members have paid their total balance in full, 3 full members have partially paid, for a response 31% response. April 30 is the deadline for $25.
6. To date in 2016 7 Associate members have paid their total balance in full, one has partially paid for a 80% response. Very good.
7. Derek Ingleton is now an Associate, and fully paid up.
8. Six members are paid up as of today, entitling six to a $25 discount. This will be placed on their account and hopefully will be “consumed”.
9. YearTodate, our receivables stand at $24.748
10. An error in March 1 Ossekeag Publishing’s RBC ad has been noted. We will get a free re-run in late March issue. So far no bites have responded to us “excepting” memberships.
11. I’ve embarked on a social media campaign for membership by starting a Facebook page, Renforth Boat Club. Everyone is encouraged to jump on – “post” to it, “like” it then “share” it to the world – the more the merrier. This page is linked to our webpage.
12. Maybe we should also go after more Associates?
Correspondence: no correspondence

House Committee: no report but at Eric’s suggestion we brainstormed for a few items that need attention. Suggestions: window replacement; moss on south part of roof; insulate the floor(Rheal thinks he can get a deal); weather-stripping on doors; west-facing door re-alignment

Harbour Committee: Scott reports that they still need to assess feasibility of re-enforcing the transom. Scott & Jamie are leading this. Decision made to re-enforce transom with fiberglass for now.

Yard-Powerboats: Jamie advises he needs approx. (4) additional rail sections. The rail rope used on the rail system was taken by an ice fisherman. Eric located him & he has requested $100, which he has agreed to pay. Not received as of today. Eric to f/up with him tomorrow. Stan has offered to put pieces of metal over the cars on the rail trolley? Jamie also suggested it get painted this year.

Yard-Sailboats: date set for launch of Saturday, May 28.

Grounds/Environment: Greg C. advises he will replace the fence posts this spring.

Membership: Rheal reports that Town does not allow advertising on the electronic signs for profit organizations. Eric asked about the new brochure that Boyd was working on and we did not know status. Bruce H. has a copy but did not know status of approval, printing, etc.

Social: St. Patrick’s Day social corn beef & cabbage is a go for this Saturday. Auction & Pot-luck scheduled for May 14.

Constitution: Lloyd reported that the changes to the by-laws & constitution need to be approved by Executive & presented at next General Meeting. An Operations Manual has also been created. (see attachments for details). Much discussion followed. Moved by Lloyd H. to accept proposed amendments & Operations Manual, seconded by George W., Carried. A copy will be posted on bulletin board by Lloyd & he will advise Eric of the wording for the purposes of sending out a member communication.

Long Range Plan: No report

Nominating committee: n/a

Refreshments: Steve H. reports a profit of $32.56 year-to-date. He will be stocking up in advance of Saturday’s St.Patrick’s Day social on Saturday.

New Business: A member is disputing his charge for summer storage as he states there has been a tradition of allowing one summer free. We could not find documentation to this effect but there was enough doubt that it was decided to waive this one time. Going forward we have a clear written policy & Operations Manual. Eric presented the new fixture cards for review(prepared & created by Daryl C.). Member Committee assignments were also presented for members to review and advise if changes are required.

Motion to adjourn at 20:41 pm by Greg C., seconded by Scott L..

Respectfully Submitted

Bruce Herrington,


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