Minutes Executive meeting Nov 2015

Renforth Boat Club Executive Meeting
November 17, 2015
Present: Rheal Guimond, Paul Berube, George Walker, Jamie Patterson, Greg Condon, Derek Ingleton, Lloyd Hodgin, Steve Hanson, Stan Prime, Boyd Tucker, Ralph Hines, Scott Langille

Regrets: Eric Phinney, Daryl Caines

Meeting called to order at 7:29pm by Derek Ingleton

Minutes of previous Executive Meeting read by Bruce H.; motion to accept by George, seconded by Ralph; carried

Treasurer’s Report: Lloyd reported a bank balance of $8,855, with approx. $1200 in pending cheques

No Correspondence

House: Paul Jones not present, no report

Harbour: Scott reports that all moorings are out, except Skip’s; work is on-going with the gallows and currently plan is to make mounting brackets out of wood as welding existing brackets is too costly & requires pontoons delivered to shop; a workboat in Cheticamp has been sourced by Rheal(price is $700) and a team of guys is going to see it next week and if in good condition they have been authorized to purchase it; was some discussion and Boyd asked whether or not our existing motor will be able to push it(had a 65hp on it); apparently Ralph has a 40hp that he is willing to sell us in exchange for (2) years dues
Moved by Rheal, 2nd by Steve, carried

Yard – powerboats: Jamie reported that there was a yard clean-up, work done on gallows and new septic tank & toilet installed

Yard – sailboats: Bruce reports that all sailboats in yard on Oct 9 &10, thanks to all who helped; storage fees were brought up & we were informed that Yard-sailboat head is responsible for advising treasurer of boats on trailers & cradles and the Yard-powerboats is responsible for advising whose boats are on rails

Grounds: Greg advises all mowing & trimming is done for the year; he has obtained (3) quotes for plowing(see separate attachment); discussion followed regarding the 3 options and it was agreed that Greg would reach out to Trevor Pierce, who did it in the past, and if he comes in cheaper we will use him, otherwise Option 1 on Greg’s info sheet
Moved by Lloyd, 2nd by Greg, carried

Membership: Rheal asked if Daryl had sent letters to recently resigned members(Dave Mercer & Dick Daigle) regarding their keys and no one present knew for sure(f/up req’d); Mike Kueppers has sold his sailboat so we are assuming he will be resigning his membership but we do not know for sure yet

Social: Stan reports that he has cancelled the Maguire Centrebooking and had our deposit refunded; Christmas Party will be on Dec 11, at the club, as we now have a functioning bathroom; discussion as to who is organizing and that we should follow-up with Dwight to see if he has it under control and/or needs help; suggested Gary Jones due New Years levee as he did it last year & was done well
Refreshments: Steve reports that the cooler was stocked a couple weeks ago, we made $218 profit + $66 in returned bottles(thanks to Boyd who did this)

Constitution: Lloyd presented a revised Operations & Procedures Manual(see separate attachment) which includes a new addition regarding Delinquent Members; much discussion followed with some suggestions made to Lloyd, who will re-work & present at next AGM; Rheal mentioned that one of the amendments should be regarding Summer Storage, only 1 year unless extenuating circumstances; also mentioned was multiple boats/dinghies, length of dinghy before classified boat(with accompanying membership fees due)

Motion to adjourn at 8:50pm by George, 2nd by Jamie

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Herrington, on behalf of Daryl Caines, Secretary

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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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