Minutes Executive Meeting May 17, 2016

Minutes of the Executive Meeting – May 17, 2016

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance: Bruce H, Daryl C. , Rheal G., Stan P., Steve H., Boyd T., Brian T.,Jamie P.

Regrets: Eric Phinney

Daryl Caines called the meeting to order at 19:30

Minutes of the March Executive meeting were read by Bruce . Moved by Steve the minutes be approved as read., seconded by Brian, Carried.

Old Business: Stan advises he has dropped off the metal to cover the trolley but needs help installing.

Correspondence: Daryl C. received an email from Dean Wilson requesting help placing a mooring. He is prepared pay a fee and help out. Much discussion followed. Jamie questioned whether we should “make it easy” for people not to join. On the flip side, we could generate some revenue that may go somewhere else. It would also allow us to manage the mooring field. It was agreed to charge $150/hr, minimum 1 hr charge, along with a signed Release/Waiver. The Harbour Master has to agree on placement and mark it. Moved by Rheal, 2nd by Jamie. Carried. Bruce H. will communicate with the Harbour Master.

Treasurer’s Report: Boyd reports that we lost 4 members compared to last year. This will cause our revenue to be under budget. We are also slightly over budget, ytd, on our expenses. Forecast is we will be very tight and need to control expenses accordingly. We need to ensure expenditures are “have to” versus want to. Boyd requests that we check with him on significant purchases. Boyd also mentioned that our insurance expense is significant(approx. $5800) and is payable in July. Receivables are down to $2500.

House Committee: No Report

Harbour Committee: Jamie reported that dinghy docks need to be re-positioned once the gallows are launched. Clarification required on positioning of the workboat. He thinks it should be on a mooring not on the dinghy docks.
Much discussion followed and it was agreed that it be tied up to the gallows and/or mooring whenever possible. We also need to follow the dinghy dock rules which are already in place. We are going to look at assigning spots once the cleats are installed.

Yard-Powerboats: Jamie reports that a couple rail sections need to be replaced(we have the timber). A few boats are launching this Saturday and his plan is install the new rail sections prior to the 2nd launch on June 4th.

Yard-Sailboats: date set for launch of Saturday, May 28.

Grounds/Environment: No report but it was noticed that Greg mowed the lawn on Saturday.

Membership: Rheal made a motion to accept Jay Kimball as an Associate Member. Seconded by Steve H.
Carried. He does not have boat, but has been a member for several years, dues have always been paid and he does not use the facilities.

Social: Stan P. reports that Potluck & Auction on Saturday was a great time. We made $220 profit.

Constitution: No Report
Long Range Plan: No Report
Nominating committee: N/A

Refreshments: Steve H. did not have a report but Boyd advises we have made a profit of $148 YTD.

New Business: The issue of guest moorings, renting a mooring, liability, etc. was brought up. It was proposed by Jamie that we maintain a couple guest moorings, that a member must sign it out, for a maximum of 2 days. Much discussion followed and this was the consensus. Rheal asked about putting a boat in the RKYC Charity Regatta. Bruce H. will inquire with Source Atlantic as to whether or not they would be willing to sponsor. Steve H. will also check with Jacobs(Refinery).
Donna Berube has requested $360 to put on events for Renforth Community Days. Motion made by Steve H, 2nd by Brian. Carried.
Daryl had a discussion with Eric regarding a club burgee for our flag pole. Approx. $150(USD) for a 3’ burgee. Daryl has a contact who has made the boat burgees for us. Rheal made a motion that we purchase (1) clubhouse burgee, 2nd by Jamie. Carried.

Motion to adjourn at 20:50 pm by Bruce , seconded by Boyd, Carried.

Respectfully Submitted

Bruce Herrington,


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