Minutes April executive meeting

April Executive Meeting

Minutes of Executive Meeting April 16, 2013

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance:  Lloyd, Derek, Ralph, Eric, Stan, Win and Bob, Ed, Daryl

Meeting called to order at 7:35 pm.

Minutes of the March Executive meeting were read by the secretary. Moved by Lloyd, seconded by Derek , that the minutes of the March Executive meeting be accepted. Carried.

Old Business – Lloyd is continuing his follow up with the Town of Rothesay and the Wharf.

Stan has new membership and fixture cards ready for review.

Eric has the membership list up-to-date. He needs pictures of three past commodores to complete the photographs for the Club House wall.

Lloyd reported that the hydro meter was misread and an adjustment of $176 in the Club`s favour was realized.

Munro Electronics has not been back to Derek about the cameras. Derek will follow up.

Stan will contact the membership about helping with general maintenance items.

A watts-up meter has been purchased to help monitor energy usage.


Business arising from the minutes.


Correspondence – A letter from Brad Bourque was received stating he will not be renewing his membership.

Stan received a call from the Dragon Boat Festival asking for the Club`s support again this year.



Committee  Reports

Treasurer’s Report- The treasurer reported that to date 31 members have renewed their membership. Inflow was $4147.55 and outflow was $1184.64 for a month end balance of 7419.00. The investment account is $8744.00. Moved by Lloyd and seconded by Eric that the report be accepted. Carried.

House –  Steve was not present.

Yard – Paul not present. Dudley was not in attendance but forwarded his report. The first launch date for the sail boats will be either May 18 or 25th. He will confirm this date soon. The second launch date is confirmed for June 8th.

Harbour –ArbySea has been launched.  Needs to be watched (as Eric will be away from now until May 12th) or removed from the water.


Most moorings have been marked, some have been rigged.  Those not seen yet include: Daryl Caines, Terry Tomney, Bill Allan,   There may be others as well.


Please note that it is the member`s responsibility to find and arrange for their mooring to be rigged and ready for use.  


Please check and renew your headlines as needed.    Poly rope is good for a maximum of three years.  After that its strength is seriously compromised due to UV radiation.   Nylon line is preferred and is good for 5 years.  Note: nylon sinks and requires a float.

The length of head lines is determined by adding the freeboard height to the distance from your fairleads to your mooring cleat and multiply by 1.5 or 2 at the max.    Most head lines are way too long and this will be an increasing nuisance as more moorings are added to the field.   New moorings set this year and any that need to be moved will be placed 100 feet from the nearest moorings.    This will increase the number of vessels that we can safely accommodate.   For vessels over 30 feet this will increase to 125 feet.


Harbour committee members are.  Eric Phinney, Scott Langelle, Dan Walker, Rick Wright.  


Social – Win announced a pot luck dinner and auction will be held on May 11.


Refreshments – Glen was not present but forwarded his report. A small profit of $31 was realized for  the reporting period.

Grounds/Safety/Environment- Greg was not present. However a discussion concerning water erosion in the yard took place. Boat cradles could be undercut by surface water runoff.

Membership – Bob not present.  

New Business

Stan reported that Rheal has found another contractor who may insulate the floor for a better price. It was felt that we should wait for Rheal to follow up on this when he returns from vacation.

A discussion followed about replacing the winch house. Rheal will be approached about this.

A discussion followed about the list of general maintenance items submitted last meeting. Stan will email the membership and solicit help for these projects.

Stan circulated revised membership and fixture cards. It was noted from the review of the fixture card that this meeting should have been a General meeting rather than an Executive meeting. This will be rectified next month with a General meeting.

Derek reported the Watts-up meter was used to monitor energy usage. Some boats were identified as drawing higher energy and the owners informed.

A mast trolley has been made and will be available for this season`s launch.


Motion to adjourn – Moved by Derek, the meeting adjourned at 8:50pm


Respectfully submitted;



Daryl Caines


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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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