Minutes AGM FEB 15, 2011

Renforth Boat Club


Date: February 15, 2011


Topic:  Annual General Meeting


Present: Rheal Guimond, George Walker, Andrew MacIntyre, Derek Ingleton, Eric Phinney, Jim Flood, Stan Prime, Ken Durning, Paul Berube, Gus Morrison, Mike Hughes, Paul Curwin, Jen Milbury and Dudley Barrett.


Call the meeting to order 7:37 pm


Nominations for positions of the executive motion by Eric Phinney 2nd by Gus Morrison


Question to the floor if any nominees declined and none declined.


Executive Members for 2011 are as follows:


Commodore – Rheal Guimond

Vice Commodore – Stan Prime

Rear Commodore – Derek Ingleton

Treasurer – Gary Jones

Secretary – Andrew MacIntyre

Past Commodore – Paul Berube


Reading of the minutes for February 2010, motion to accept minutes Paul Berube by 2ndby Mike Hughes.


Current minutes:




Gary Jones not present, Rheal gave an overview of financial statements.  Ask Gary Jones to follow up with not for profit rate for the phone land line


Motion to accept financial report as read by Paul Berube 2nd by Jen Milbury.




Supplies are up to date with about $25 spent this month for incidentals.  Vermin are present this month in the club house.  Eric Phinney proposing that any of the existing memorabilia in the boat club should be preserved in a number of ways to save the history of the club and create a archive process of all the boats and members that have been active in the club.  A committee to be formed during the next meeting.




The yard is full of snow!!!




Frozen!!  However the ice is soft.  No vessels broke free for this year past.  All moorings are up to date and it appears that the awareness and efforts of the membership have secured every boat for the season.  Winterizing moorings is very important to continue maintaining moorings annually.  Consider buying a more robust winch to haul moorings up while on the gallows.  RBC does require additional work and some ideas have been contemplated.  Request to save 4L jugs to mark the moorings in the spring time.  The work boat has been informally named the RBC boat.  Most work could be achieved from the boat and minimal time using the gallows.




Another member being consider through a reference from Dan Walker.




Committee head to be changed for the New Year.



Grounds and Environment:

Invest in a new lawn mower. Water to be tested this month.




Glen not present but fridge has ample supply of drinks for any members visiting.


Safety Report:


Be safe!


Business arising from the minutes:


Charging for the haul-out for sail and power instead of cover under general expenses.  Perhaps an additional summer storage fee for other things that are left in the yard or things left in the yard perpetually.


On the question:


Not applicable


New business:


In the spirit of transparency, there needs to be adopted into the constitutional by-laws a process that defines committee formation and appointment.  The sole purpose of a new by-law for this process is to give every member an opportunity to participate in any of the committees created at any of the monthly boat club meetings.  The benefits of such a by-law may encourage a greater participation of the membership for all of the tasks that need to be done to run the boat club.  The following is a motion presented to the floor for vote.


Motion for the Amendment of the constitutional by-laws – Article V11 7:02 section e


Include a sub-section under section e called Committee Formation and Selection Process.


Under such sub-section define the purpose as follows:


In the event a committee is decided to be created at any of the monthly meetings that the intent of the committee be communicated to every member via e-mail, posted on a website and the club bulletin board.  Anyone willing to participate on any of the committees sought after will have two weeks to communicate to the club secretary their intent to participate.  In the event that no members are willing to join then the Commodore will select and appoint the necessary members to fill the needs of the committee.  Conversely, if there are an abundant of members wishing to participate then the Commodore will select and appoint a practical number of members for the committee.


Motion to accept constitutional by-law amendment by Andrew MacIntyre 2nd by Eric Phinney.


Motion to adjourn by Ken Durning 2nd by Andrew MacIntyre.


Respectfully Submitted,



Andrew MacIntyre


About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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