Meetings Schedule

updated May 7, 2019

– All meeting are at the Clubhouse and begin at 7:30 PM (1930 hours)
– All meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month
General Meetings
– General meetings are every 3 months and hence 4 times a year and are for all members.
– The first general meeting is in January and is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or all about electing the new officers (Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary) as well as the Vice and Rear Commodores. The outgoing Commodore becomes the Past-Commodore.
– The April general meeting is about starting up the boating season.
– The July general meeting is optional as everyone should be boating.
– The October general meeting is about wrapping up the boating season.
– All other meetings are Executive meeting (Feb, Mar, May, June, Aug, Sep, Nov, Dec)
Executive Meetings
– February: completing the Executive, volunteering the committees
– March: starting the to-do list, aka “the Job Jar”
– May: resourcing the Job Jar
– June: completing the Launch Job Jar
* July’s General Meeting
– August: starting the Haulout Job Jar
– September: resourcing the Job Jar
– November: start of nominations for next year, setting capacities for next year, next year operating and capital budgets, rates for next year AND update to 5-year plan
– December: status of nominations and preparations for AGM.