Meeting with Town of Rothesay concerning the Wharf


Meeting with Town of Rothesay and Renforth Boat Club regarding wharf in Renforth Harbour

1.     Obtain information on the deck contract.   When is it happening,  what is the material,  will they raise the approach to the same grade as the wharf.

v     Will be concrete and will all come up to grade

2.     Ladders

v     Are manufactured and will be installed soon

3.     Fender system

v       D rings will be welded to the underside of the cap.  We can hang fendersystem from that.  Costs are our own.

4.     Cleats  ( I have already sustained two serious splinters in my fingers from attempting to tie up to the Pressure treated timbers.    This is not an encouraging system if we want to welcome people to our dock.

v     D Rings will be welded to the underside of cap.  This will be for lines to  attach to.

5.     Protection of Mast boom site

v     Paul will advise Rick to contact Scott to determin what will need to be done to the site.

6.     Signage    something like  “This wharf is for the use of the public for loading and unloading passangers.   Says of longer than 2 hours prohibited except by permission of the Harbour Master”

v     Town will provide signs.  (two)  This wharf is or loading and unloading only.   Town crest and town phone number.

7.     Floating Dock Access (Gangway) With the increased elevation it is now very difficult for the young and elderly to get on a vessel.  It would be good to have a loading/unloading floating dock attached to the inside slip with a ramp)

v     Scott may have some gangways if we could provide a floating dock, we might be able to do something here.  He will get back to me.  (followup)

  1. There was some concern that our signage that says no parking is too negative.   Should probably say. “Public Parking available near the lighthouse.
  2. Comments on our insurance, we may be doubly insured
  3. Comments made on the condition of our Building… needs work
  4. Some followup is needed around our lease.  Dwight will look into when the agreement was last renewed and provide copies for JJ
  5. Questions about what we were doing with Water Way Lease.  Dwight will follow up and let us know If it is possible.





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