May General Meeting Minutes

May General Meeting
Minutes of the General Meeting May 19, 2015
Renforth Boat Club

Attendance: Stan, Derek, Bob and Win, Brian, George, Rheal, Boyd, Bob, Glen and Terri, Eric, Daryl, Paul, Lloyd, Paul, Tom, Gary and Sue, Fred and Madeline, Bill, Bruce, Jamie, Steve, Rick

A flag-raising was held to celebrate the opening of the Club House for the season.

Meeting Called to order 7:35
Minutes of the previous General Meeting were read. It was moved by George and seconded by Bob that the minutes be accepted as corrected. Carried

Old Business
Eric asked if we actually saved money by closing the building during the cold months. The cost for keeping the driveway plowed was high. Lloyd stated he didn’t have all the figures but we would be ahead by not paying for heat. Closing the building in winter will be reviewed before it is done again.

By Law Change: The suggested change to article 4:09 of the Constitution was read.
Moved by Lloyd and seconded by Derek that the change be accepted. A discussion followed. Associate members are not included in the volunteer hours. Carried as amended.
Suggested hours and penalties were discussed. The penalty was reduced to $100. The suggested volunteer hours was changed to 15. Moved by Lloyd and seconded by Paul that the changes be accepted. Carried.

Correspondence: A thank-you card was received from Jim and Rhoda for the basket of fruit the Club sent during their recent illnesses.

Treasure’s Report: Lloyd reported a bank balance of $16,129.00 and 22 members have paid. The $50 grace period has been extended to the end of May because the building was closed over the winter and members were not able to drop off cheques. A discussion followed concerning storage fees. The secretary is to check old minutes to see how and when storage fees are charged.

Committee Reports:

House: Paul reported on the hydro mast. Reynold’s bid $500 to repair the mast. A permit has been requested at a cost of $20. Paul suggested a few small jobs that could be done by volunteers. Members were reminded to check all doors, including the Heritage building, before leaving each day.
Stan donated a water pump to replace the existing pump that is not able to maintain pressure. Rick will look into repairing the old pump or adapting the new pump to the system.

Harbour: Scott not present. The work boat and gallows were launched this week. Dinghy docks are repaired and will be launched on the 30th. A discussion followed concerning insurance. All dues must be paid and proof of insurance provided before launching any boat.

Yard: Jamie reported that two boats have been launched from the rails. He questioned if the posted launch date for power boats is realistic? Many boats on the rails are not ready. A discussion followed concerning who is and is not ready to launch. Some sections of the rail system need to be replaced.
Bruce reported the sail boats will launch on the 30th. The club is rented on Friday the 29th so boats may need to be moved to the wharf on Thursday of that week.

Grounds/Env: Greg reported a wood chipper is coming on Friday to clear the mess on the slope. Volunteers are needed to help.

Membership: An application for membership was received from Michael and Melissa Parker of Rothesay. They are in the process of buying a boat. Their application was accepted pending the completion of the purchase.

Social: Jim and Rhoda not present. A discussion followed about holding the pot/luck and auction. June 13 was suggested. Stan and Daryl will coordinate this event. Dwight will be the auctioneer.

Capital projects: Lloyd spoke to the history of the septic project to date. MRM from Moncton has not responded to requests for quotes. Sussex Excavators was approached and was asked to make a bid. Lloyd will follow up on getting a quote. Regardless of the contractor, the new septic line will cost around $12-13K.
Lloyd approached T&M Homes in Sussex for a quote on a new Club House. The cost of a new building would be $50/sq foot plus the cost of the foundation. Approximately $55,000.

Refreshments: Steve reported the cooler has been stocked.

Lloyd reported that he is ready for a financial audit. The audit committee has to agree on a time to meet.

Renforth Day will be held on July 11. Donna Berube agreed to be the liaison for the Club. Our building will be used for face painting and other events. Some members may have their boats available for short rides. Donna submitted a budget of $290. Moved by Paul and seconded by Boyd that the Club cover Donna’s expenses. Carried.

Fred reported that the Old Boys and Girls have resumed their Tuesday get-togethers. Win reported the Friday happy hour has resumed.

Motion to adjourn by Greg at 9:00

Respectfully submitted

Daryl Caines

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