March Executive Meeting minutes

March Executive Meeting

Minutes of the Executive Meeting March 17, 2015

Renforth Boat Club

Hosted by Rhael and Cathy

Attendance: Derek , Rheal and Cathy, Steve, Jim and Rhoda, Jamie, George, Bruce, Brian, Eric, Daryl, Greg Regrets: Lloyd

Called to order at 07:30 June 17 2014 with Eric in the chair.

Minutes of the February Executive meeting were read. Moved by Derek, seconded by Greg the minutes be approved. Carried.

No business arising from the minutes

No Correspondence

Commodore’s Report: Rhoda and Jim have been appointed to the Social Committee. A thank-you was extended for an excellent St. Patrick’s party. Bruce Herrington has been appointed Chairman of Yard Committee for Sailboats. A Club burgee will be given to Dykeman’s for display with the other burgees.

Treasurer Report: Eric submitted the report on behalf of Lloyd. The bank balance is $8084.00

Signing officers to be changed for the new executive. i.e. Lloyd Hodgin, Eric Phinney, Derek Ingleton. as per our Constitution. Moved by Rheal/ Seconded by Derek Carried

House Committee: Paul Jones not present. The duty roster has not been made up yet.

Harbour Committee: Scott Langille not present. The work boat has been repaired and returned. The floats for the dinghy dock are in the Club house.

Yard-Powerboats: Jamie reported the tentative powerboat launch will be May 23.

Yard-Sailboats: Bruce reported a possible launch date for sailboats to be May 31.

Grounds/Environment: Greg had no report.

Membership: Rhael looking for ideas to encourage membership. Notice placed on e-sign in Rothesay. Invitation placed on website following boat show.

Social: Rhoda and Jim open to suggestions for next social. Discussion followed concerning a launch party, a June Bug Run, and Canada Day celebrations in St Andrews and at the Club.

Refreshments: Steve not present.

New Business: By next month the Club should have events nailed down and the membership database up-to-date so a fixture card can be produced for the 2015 season. The secretary will follow up on this.

Lloyd was not present to comment on long range planning.

A discussion followed on the responsibilities of members with respect to volunteer hours. Everyone should be on a committee and committee chairman could monitor participation. Extra fee for people who do not volunteer hours would be difficult to monitor.

Motion to adjournment

Respectfully Submitted

Daryl Caines


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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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