July 17th 2012 General Meeting Minutes


Minutes of General Meeting July 17, 2012
Renforth Boat Club
Attendance: Stan Prime, Lloyd Hodgin, Eric Phinney, Ralph Hines, Rhoda and Jim Flood, Dwight Allaby, Paul Berube, Max Herrington, Rheal and Kathy Guimond, Steve Milbury, Dick Daigle, Bob Pinet, Daryl Caines

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm.
Minutes of the May General meeting were read by the secretary. M-Lloyd, S- Paul carried

Business arising from the minutes.
Correspondence – A letter was received from John Jarvie, Town Manager, concerning the lease renewal and requesting a membership list and a date to visit the club.

A bill for the lease renewal in the amount of $3671.46 was received.

Committee reports

Treasurer’s Report- The report was distributed by Lloyd. Items were discussed. The bank balance for the month was $15038.28 M-Rheal S- Steve that the report be accepted. Carried. 22 members have paid dues. Membership is in jeopardy if dues are not paid by Aug 1st.

House- Steve – The house is in order. Supplies have been topped up.

Yard- Paul- The yard is in bad shape and waiting for clean up. Rheal stated there are those who see the state of the yard as reason to cancel the lease. A lot of debris is on the railroad property. A date for a clean up was discussed. Thursday, July 19, Monday, July 23 were selected.

A discussion followed about the letter sent to the Town concerning the lease. Someone wants to see our club out. Town manager, John Jarvie, wants to visit the club to see if we are keeping the convents.

Harbour- Eric – The town has installed the floating dock at the wharf. We have been notifying the town when people abuse the use of the dock. As it turns out, the Town has no jurisdiction on the use of the wharf.

Moorings are available. Some can be sold. Volunteers are needed to set out the dragon boat race course as Eric will be away.

The winter rope that is used for the moorings sinks. We need to use a better system to winter the moorings.

Membership – Stan has contacted Ed concerning membership. Ed is too busy to do membership. Therefore we need a membership coordinator.

An application for membership was received from Eric Hughes. The application will be referred to the Executive committee

Social – Sharon not present

Refreshments – Glen not present. The last bar muster was short two pop and two beer. This is a great improvement.

Grounds – Greg not present. The grounds are in good shape

Environment – No report

Safety – Rheal asked if a locking system could be installed on the winch house. Paul will look after a lock for the building.

Max reported people around the club late one night he was onboard his boat. Max called the police who responded and searched the yard.

New Business

The RYC declined our request to use their pile driver.

To rekey our locks the cost is approximately $190 for 5 locks and 60 keys. Stan will follow up. An email will be sent to all members that new keys can be collected from the treasure for those who have their dues paid up.

Motion to adjourn – Paul – Carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.

Respectfully submitted;
Daryl Caines

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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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