Harbourmasters Report Sept 16, 2009


1)    Mooring Ball on Gary Jones mooring has disappeared.   Ken has been Advised

2)    There is a mooring showing out by the dragon boat start bouy.  Could be Lloyd Hodgins   it looks like a lobster bouy float.. but can’t be pulled up.  Only visible at low water.

3)    People who don’t own moorings should make arrangements to have moorings set next year or purchase them from the club.  Members who are no longer using their moorings should advise the Harbour master if you are loaning your mooring to someone else.


a.     Darrel Caines

b.     Ken Durning

c.     Chris Gallant

d.     Bart Day

e.     Robin Wilson

f.      Bonnie McNichol



4)    There is a mooring tangled around Paul Jones,  Skip will move.  This is a mooring owned by an unknown non member that has not been used for two years.

5)    Club moorings and Markers to be winterized include

a.     Barlows

b.     Vances

c.     Cathelines

d.     Dragon Boat Start

e.     No Wake

f.      Allan Philips  (Eric rigged this so that it would not be a hazard)

g.     RBC 3 (Jim floods old mooring)


6)    Moorings will need to be winterized soon.  The following should be noted

a.     If you are going to remove the float and drop the chain, use NEW ½ inch floating rope.  Approx 30 feet.  Do not tie knots or put anything on the end.  The ice can move a mooring with simply a small float tied to the end of a rope!

b.     If you have a log.  Tie 10 feet of new floating rope to it.

c.     Remove all headlines

d.     Take your own GPS readings  (I will be doing this as well, but it doesn’t hurt to have a back up)

7)    In the absense of anyone else doing this I have booked Mark Kierstead and MacDonald Cranes for the 17th of October for the Sailboat haul out.   We do need a small boom truck that could take down masts on Friday.  Suggestions

8)    I would like to recommend a launch date of the Long Weekend in May so that we have something to aim for.  May 15th

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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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