Harbourmasters report March 2010

On February 26th The harbour committee consisting of Eric Phinney and Rick Wright met to consider the needs of the harbour for the coming season.   The following issues were raised:


1)  Need for a work boat so that members dinghys are not constantly employed in sometimes dirty and inapproptiote work.

2)  Need for proper motor mount and motor for the gallows to facilitate easy positioning over a mooring.

3)  Electric Winch for Gallows.   It was thought that an electric winch would be a good addition to the gallows to facilitate quicker lifts of moorings.    It is agreed that moorings should be regularly lifted to the point of the top of the bottom chain for inspection.    Working with a diver this could be accomplished much more quickly.

4)  The need for a clear standard for the construction of moorings.

5)  The need to find existing moorings that have been lost.  (There is probably no need to place new moorings.  We just need to find the ones that we have lost.

6)   A need for  an amendment in the constitution with regard to moorings so that they are kept in good condition.

7)   The green salmon skiff that Skip sold to his Nephew JP was tied to the wharf all last summer.  Should we take any action with this?


After discussion the following recommendations are submitted for action by the executive and/or membership


1)  An amendment to the constitution as follows;


1.   A member using a mooring in Renforth Harbour shall be responsible to demonstrate to the harbour master that the mooring is up to standard and is safe to use.  This shall apply weather the mooring is owned by the member, borrowed from another member or owned by RBC or someone else.


2.   Guidelines for mooring weight, material, chains, floats and headlines and all connection points shall be equilivant to or exceed recommendations as set out by the latest edition of Chapmans Piloting and small boat handling.  (copies will be made available to members and posted on the website)



2)  That the executive call a series of work parties be arranged each spring to inspect each mooring as required as early as possible until they are all completed and determined to be usable.   i.e. every Wednesday evening beginning the Wednesday after Victoria day.   Members whose moorings are being inspected must be present.   Supplies for replacement of top chains will be on hand and costs charged to owner.


Notes concering mooring failures over the last two years.  The following points are the points of failure that have been noted over the last two years.   This includes 9 instances where boats have gone ashore in Renforth Harbour.


1)  Headline failure

2)  Shackles coming undone

3)  Top chain degredation to the point of failure

4)  Undersize shackle failing


It should be noted that all of these are preventable.


1)  Headlines should be used no longer than two seasons if poly.

2)  There should always be an unloaded backup headline that is connected directly to the chain, on a link below the connection to the float.

3)  All shackles should be seized with ss 316 wire and inspected annually

4)  Top chain should be changed when measured to be 90% of origional thickness or less.

5)  Shackles should be the same size or larger than the smallest chain diameter.



Eric Phinney

Rick Wright

About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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