Harbourmasters Report March 15 2011

1. Thanks to all who have brought empty plastic jugs for floats. Keep them coming.  Put them in the Heritage in the front left corner.  I will gather them up and hang them on a bit of twine.

2. Recommend that we purchase a heavy duty electric winch for the gallows from Costco.  Cost approx $350.   This will make mooring maintenance much easier and quicker.  The small winch we had last year worked really well but it was under powered and we fried it.  We may be able to salvage it and rig it up for use in the Arby Sea to service top chains.

3. Recommend that we send out a general notice to everyone to see who requires moorings for the coming year.  It would be good to have a list to work from.   We have collected a bunch of stones and have sufficient to service the needs of our members.     Don’t expect the Harbour committee to do all the work, we will need some work parties to build some moorings and to service the existing ones.

4. Information regarding your mooring can be found on your personal profile on the web page. You can also put up to 10 photos of your boat or anything else there.  I will be updating each persons profile with their mooring location information over the next while with the information that I have.

5. Check your mooring float now. It will get busy soon and it is a good idea to get this done early.    That way you will be ready to rig your mooring as soon as the ice goes out.
A. Conditions of float – clean off marine growth, look for signs of wear or UV damage or corrosion.

B. Condition of headlines. Proper length – this is a good time to make a change.   The length should be between 1.5 and 2 times the distance from the mooring bit to the surface of the water.   Chafing gear is usually a piece of canvas or hose that prevents the rope from fraying where it goes over the side.   It is cheaper to replace this than buying new headlines.

C. Chains shackles and thimbles.  These are all metal and they do corrode and disolve away over time.   Check and replace as nessassary.

D.  If you use nylon headlines (and you should) then you will need a float at the    end of your line since nylon sinks.   Some people use a whip float to facilitate easy pickup.

6.   It is time to set the Launch dates.   Recommend   May 21st as first Launch Day and June 4th for the Late one.    This would be for sailboats.   I am willing to organize this again unless anyone else wants to.  We all have to work together to keep the costs low.   I will be sending out emails soon to see who would like the early date and who the later date.   We would need at least 5 boats to make it a go.

7.   The Arby Sea needs service before she is Launched.    We should Launch it as soon as the Ice goes out of the harbour to facilitate mooring service.  This means that it should be uncovered soon so that we can work on the bottom and find the leak!    I am willing to do the patch work, if someone can get the boat upside down on the lawn!  The rub rail needs to be reattached, some more cleats added,  the inside floor removed and cleaned and painted.   Also it would be good to build a towing post, dive ladder and derrick.  This could be all part of the same unit, or we could do it one thing at a time.


Eric Phinney





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