Harbourmasters Report June 15, 2010

Renforth Boat Club

Report of the Harbour Master June 15, 2010


1)      Cathode protection being applied to the wharf with in the next couple of weeks.  Watch for divers

2)     Resurfacing contract has been awarded, work will be complete by end of month

3)     Approach and armor stone will be finished at the end of season.

4)     Tenders also awarded for drainage culvert to be renewed.   Interruption only 1 or 2 days.  Access will be maintained at all times with flaggers

5)     Marine Services Rates

a.     Members are encouraged to winterize and maintain their moorings on their own.   However if they do not the club will act, with notice,  and make sure that moorings are winterized and also placed in service at the end and beginning of each season.  The club will also determine the best location for members moorings.   This also applies to retrieving of lost moorings and replacement of worn hardware.   A charge will be made to the members account for any maintenance carried out under the advice of the Harbour Master.  Please note: if you maintain your mooring in a proper and timely fashion the club will not charge you for anything.     When a mooring fails it affects all of us and we must therefore keep high standards.

b.     Winterizing  $20 plus costs

c.     Summer Service (placing of float and headlines)   $20 plus costs

d.     Change top chain $50 plus costs

e.     Move mooring $50 plus costs

f.      Diving services will be billed at a rate of $50 for the first hour plus $20/hour there after.

6)     Moorings have all been placed in service

7)     A supply of ½ inch chain will soon be on hand.

8)     There are still two lengths of 3/8 chain available

9)     Recommended purchase of moorings

a.     Daryl Caines to purchase the mooring that he is on.   Mclusky.  This has been inspected

b.     Condon’s  are currently using Jim Flood’s old mooring.   The one that we had traded to Jim was found to be too small and not appropriate for a large boat.  I have moved it to the North end of the field.   We are not really free to sell this to the Condon’s as Jim really does not have another mooring of his own.

c.     Chris is on Ron Dows mooring with permission

d.     Richard is on Gary Jones with permission

e.     Vacant Moorings available for use.

i.     Ed Stansfield

ii.     RBC 2 between Vision and Study time.  This is the one that has been dragged all around the harbor.  We serviced it after it was untangled from Paul Jones mooring, put a new top chain and a float on it.  Owner is unknown to us.  This has been a hazard to navigation for several years.

iii.     RBC 1 North end of field, marked with Yellow float, no headline.  Suitable for small power boat.

10)  Note on Headlines:  Most of the headlines are too long.  The safe length is 1.5 to 2 times the distance from the cleat to the surface of the water.  i.e.  if you deck is 4 feet above the water and the distance from the fairleads to the cleat is 2 feet then your headling should be 6X1.5 = 9 feet  to 6X2=12 feet in length.   You boat will “ride” better.  You will take up less room in the harbor and your headline will be less likely to be cut by a prop when not in use.  Nylon is the best rope (three strand or braid) to use as it does not break down in the sun and is generally much stronger.  It also does not float and there for does not pose a danger to navigation.  You will need a float to recover your line however.

11)  Contacted Dan Cyr from ACCOA, waiting for reply




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