Harbourmasters Report August 2010

Dragon Boat Race

Work Done:   Start line marks have been placed roughly.    Line 100 is in the water, This year the course will run in an east west direction with the start and finish lines as close to 90 deg as possible.  One finish bouy is in position.     We have moved the start line north approx 40m so that there will be deeper water at the finish line.



Notes:  Rondo needs to be moved


There is a power boat right in the middle of the race way at the end.  This should never have been put there.  Possibly Kim LeClair.  Someone needs to notify him and possibly arrange for relocation.


JP’s Boat is also obstructing and is on an unknown mooring This should be moved also.


Work to be done:    the rest of the bouys need to be placed and aligned.


Start Boat?   We will possibly need Paul Jones mooring for this… or two anchors.


I will be away all of next week.



Mooring Field

The mooring field is in good condition (finally) with no known issues.


Moorings on Barlows bluff  and Vances Beach have been inspected.   Two required new Top Chain.


A new mooring was made from the dragon boat start mark and is available for Sale.

This is available in order of seniority to any member.   The Following people need moorings but currently are renting club maintained moorings: Chris Gallant,  Dudley Barrett,  New Powerboat owner on JF’s mooring, Richard Kidd,  Wayne Jacquard


Top Chain was replaced on Derek Ingletons’ mooring.


There is a supply of ½ inch chain available at a cost of .$4.75/foot.


A new battery was installed on the Gallows.   A solar charger was also installed.


Some Headlines are still too long.   As our field gets more crowded this will become more of an issue.   Headlines should be 1.5 to 2 times the distance from your deck to the water.   Look at Komreddi’s lines, this is what they should look like.


Currently on Moorings Rented for the balance of year.    Duddly’s CC 27 ($150),   Barnacle (??),  Power boat on JF’s mooring ($150) ,  Knot for Shore (paid for repairs)



Purposal:   Moorings that are not being used by members for  a season may be turned over to the club for a period of time and rental income retained by the club.   The club will rig and winterize the mooring as nessassary.     Rate for Rental for a season set at 300/year.   This amount will be charged out on a prorated basis for the months of June, July, August and September.    Moorings sold to club members when available will be $500    Moorings purchased from club members for $300



Please note that if moorings are not winterized within two weeks of Haul out then the club will undertake to winterize the mooring and charge a fee.    Winterizing means to remove the float and attach a length of line approx 35 feet.   Line should be ½ inch poly, yellow and new.   In the case of Logs, simply remove the headlines.


Eric Phinney







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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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