Harbourmasters Report Aug 16 2011

RBC report of the Harbour master. Aug 16 2011


Moorings recovered by dive: Bill Allen. Darrell Caines.

Chains changed this year: Bill Allan. Darrel. Caines, Eric Phinney, Paul jones.

New moorings installed: Dudley Barrett, Andrew MacIntyre, Steve Milbury , Scott Langelle, Max Herrington

Moorings moved. Eric Phinney, Darrel Caines

Moorings sold to members: ?

Dragon boat race

New markers need to be attached

Needs. Dragon boat course to be set out

No wake buoy should be painted and bigger letters stenciled on


Update on situation with Baltic ketch

Please check your headlines for chafe

Check shackles at top

I have noticed that the place that the chains break most often is just where they knave the bottom.

Head line length is still excessive. I was very impressed by what I say in a Harbour in new beDford. Very short. Just enough to get to the deck

If you feel that the boat next to you is too close. Shorten your headlines before you ask for a mooring to be moved

It would be good to have one member responsible specifically for the dinghy docks.

Please do not install or move moorings without checking with me. It can cause problems for others and the coordinates are not always recorded. This is the policy if the club. It does not apply to non members but it does apply to us.

About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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