Harbour Notes

1)   The mast rack has been reblocked and straightened.   Thanks to Mike K and Eric P

2)   The steering system on the work boat has been upgraded to a modern cable type.   Thanks to Bruce H and Eric P

3)  If you need rope for winterizing your mooring Eric Has some available.   ½ inch commercial quality.   35 feet for $10

4)   When the work boat (Arthur) was out of the water getting steering upgrades it was noticed that the prop was quite badly damaged.   Please be very careful approaching the dock as the water is very low.

5)   Winterization Check listDSCN1407

Winterize Motor (varies with type of cooling system)

Change oil if not done recently

Winterize Head(s)   Dump some non toxic antifreeze in and flush through

Empty Holding tanks (before you come out of the water please!)

Winterize water system.   Empty tanks and put enough non toxic antifreeze in to come to sinks.

Remove anything that can absorb moisture or be a medium to grow mould.   (cushions, curtains, sails, fabric etc.

Remove anything that can rust… tools, cutlery, instruments.

Open all hatches for ventilation

Power wash hull bottom

Use on/off to remove waterline scum

Remove antena and wind indicators from mast and bind up loose lines and stays

Charge Batteries – disconnect and trickle charge once every 2 or 3 months

Take chart plotters and radios home if removable

Cover boat, providing ventilation

Make sure that your boat is well blocked and level.

If you have other suggestions or things that you regularly do please type them in the comments section below.




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