General Meeting October 2015 Minutes

Oct General Meeting
Minutes of the General Meeting Oct 20 , 2015
Renforth Boat Club

The meeting was called to order by Eric at 7:30pm
Attendance: Win and Bob, Brian, Greg, George, Jamie, Paul, Rheal, Scott, Dwight, Mike, Lloyd, Daryl, Eric, Boyd, Bruce, Ralph, Rick, Gary, Steve, Bill
Regrets: Stan

Minutes of the previous July General Meeting were read. Moved by Rick and seconded by Boyd that the minutes be accepted. Carried. The minutes of the Sept Executive meeting were read. It was moved by Bruce and seconded by Scott the minutes be accepted as corrected. Carried

Old Business : There are former members with outstanding fees and Club House keys. The secretary will send an email asking the three individuals to settle their accounts and return their keys.

Correspondence: An email was received from Stan concerning the Christmas Party at the McGuire centre. Dwight and Daryl will coordinate planning for this event.
The St Joseph’s foundation sent their thanks for our participation in the 2015 Dragon Boat Festival.

Financial Report: The current bank balance is $8841.

Committee Reports:
House: Paul not present. A large discussion followed on the septic system. A temporary solution was discussed. This is to be referred to the Executive committee for action.
Eric asked about the status of the Clubhouse over the winter. It was moved by George and seconded by Paul that we keep the house open over the winter season. Carried.
Rheal asked about renovations to the bathroom. This will be addressed after the bathroom is returned to working order.

Harbour: Scott reported that the floating docks on the Renforth wharf are coming out this Thursday. Our dinghy docks need to come out as well. Scott will call the crane operator and arrange to have our docks hauled out. A discussion followed concerning the summer storage of boats and non payment of fees. Our constitution needs to be revised to address these issues and was referred to the constitution committee.
Jamie stated that the gallows are in need of repair. The barrels need to be replaced. A discussion followed concerning using new barrels, pontoons, or black buoyancy tanks. Scott will investigate and report back in November.

Yard: Bruce extended his thanks for a successful haul out. A short discussion followed concerning an earlier haulout in 2016.
Jamie reported that repairs are completed on the rails. There is one boat left to come out. The winch house has a new roof.

Grounds/Env: Greg reported that instead of painting the fence posts in front of the Club House, new posts will be installed and painted in the spring. Greg was asked to consider making a plan for winter plowing.

Membership: Rheal felt that all matters dealing with members and membership should be referred to
the membership chairman. Recent issues with some members have been addressed without his awareness. The terms of reference for the membership committee chairman are not clear.

Social: Stan was not present but in his email he stated that the Christmas party will be held on Dec 11 at the McGuire centre. Dwight asked for volunteers to help organize this event. The rental for the Centre is $200. The question was asked if we will still hold this event at the Centre if the bathroom repairs are complete for the Club House. It was felt that if the repairs can be completed in the near future the party should be held here.

Refreshments: Steve’s report will be ready in a few days.

New Business
The nominating committee will consist of Lloyd, Eric, and Rheal.
Lloyd reported on the overflow line around and under the adjacent railway line. Water is washing out our property due to problems with this line. The issue was brought to the attention of Brent Mclean, the Town engineer. McLean expects to address the problem over the next two or three weeks.
Rick reported that Club burgees are available for $25.

Motion to adjourn by Paul 8:45

Respectfully submitted

Daryl Caines

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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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