General Meeting October 19, 2010

Renforth Boat Club

General Meeting

October 19th, 2010-10-20




Rheal Guimond                                    George Walker                                    Gary Jones

Sharon Walker                                    Chris Gallant                                                      Derek Ingleton

Eric Phinney                                                      Dan Reicker                                                      Kathy Guimond

Paul Curwin                                                      Jim Flood                                                      Rick Wright

Stan Prime                                                      Dudley Barrett                                                      Daryl Caines

Paul Berube                                                      Glenn Moore


Meeting was called to order by Rheal at 7:30 PM, October 19th, 2010.


Secretary’s Report – Andrew MacIntryre


Due to the absence of Andrew, the minutes of the last general meeting for August, 2010, were not available.


Treasurer’s Report – Gary Jones


Gary reviewed the in and out cash flows.  The earning cash flow for August, 2010 was $18K, end of September, 2010 was $9700 ($5000 of which is the kitty float which RBC always carries at the Union Club).  September was the largest outflow of monies due to the haul out, etc.


Gary lead discussions around the cause of the large financial burden for September and they included things like (Dingy docks cost $4800 and Haul Out $2070 along with the standard monthly charges ex., phone, propane, pest control, hydro, taxes, insurance)


Gary also talked about the cost of the new hydraulic machine and the boat engine and the cost of the burgees.


Executive will have further discussions at the next executive meeting to ensure everything possible is being done to reduce cost and increase cash flow.


Motioned to accept by Paul Berube and seconded by Eric Phinney



House Report – No report available as Ken Durning was not in attendance


Yard Report – Paul Berube and Stan Prime


Paul discussed the success of the haul out; everything went very well.  This is mainly due to the number of members who showed up for the haul out.


Paul also noted that there is enough room in the yard for a few more boats.  4-5 additional power boats could be accommodated on the rails.


Rheal made a note that we may have to increase the charge for the haul out for both power and sail boats next year.  We are basically breaking even and we should be making a bit of money on the haul out.


Harbour Report – Eric Phinney


The only two boats that did not get hauled out were Dave Beudin and Skip.  The RBC boat is currently tied to the Renforth Wharf.  Eric mentioned that he did take routine tours around the Renforth Harbor to keep a close eye on everything.


The haul out for the sail boats also went very well this year.  He noted that the cost to each sail boat was $125 and he also noted that anyone who would do this on their own would have to pay $225.  Eric noted that Herb charged $30 per hour which was a very fair rate.


Efficiencies were credited to the new hydraulic system and he suspects that it will have more than paid for itself by the end of the haul out next year.


Any mooring that has not been wintered by the end of next week, Oct 30th, 2010, will be winterized by the Renforth Boat Club and charged to each member accordingly.  Eric mentioned that he does have ½” & ¼” line available that he has purchased and will sell to anyone who needs rope for tying down tarps, etc.


Eric also noted that there is a 2.5 Seahorse in the yard and we do not permit motors, etc., to be left at the club.


Rick Wright talked about purchasing a Mast Crane Hauler.  There was some general conversation around this topic.  It would cost somewhere in the vicinity of $2000-$3000.  Gary Jones mentioned that he wasn’t sure if the cost could justify the bottom line.  This discussion will be taken off line and maybe discussed at the next meeting.


Membership – Stan Prime


Currently there are 41 regular members and 11 associate members.


Paul McClusky may be interested in becoming an associate member.


Paul Berube made motion to accept and Jim Flood seconded motion.


Social – Monica Tomney (not present)


Christmas Party will be December 11th, 2010


There was a general discussion around donations in lieu of presents.  It was also discussed that we may want to continue with the yankee gift exchange, as it is a means of entertainment, but that we also make a $5 or $10 donation to the Harbour Lights.


Social committee to decide and will be selected at the next Executive Meeting.


Grounds and Refreshments – Chris and Andrew (Andrew not present)


Rheal advised that he had met with Scott Hatcher.  Scott is taking our ideas back to the decision makers at the Town of Rothesay.  Rheal will follow up with Scott next week.  We need to get some Counsellors to back us.  It was noted that this will be a challenge but we must try.


General discussions around the yard and ways we may be able to develop more of the land.


Rheal thanked Glenn Moore and Stan Prime for the great job they were doing.


Safety Report


It was recommended that one should never pick up a muskrat with their bare hands.


The cables should be wrapped up.  Not on cart but everything else is done.


Rheal also reminded George to ensure that the ramps between the boats are secure.


Motioned by Dudley to Accept and seconded by Daryl Caines


New Business


Rheal brought the burgees to the club and is selling them for $30 each.  Every member will be given at least one and this charge will go on their bill.


The following members already have their burgees and this list will be forwarded by Sharon to Gary Jones for billing.  They are as follows:


Rheal Guimond

George Walker

Glenn Moore

Paul Berube

Gary Jones

Daryl Caines

Dudley Barrett

Stan Prime

Rick Wright

Jim Flood

Paul Curwin

Dan Reicker

Eric Phinney

Derek Ingleton

Chris Gallant


Stan also advised that he has the Renforth Boat Club Crest that can be affixed to a shirt or jacket and is selling those for $15 each.


We need to obtain a photo of Paul Berube for our Commodor’s Wall of Fame.


Motion accepted unanimously


Derek motioned to adjourn meeting.



About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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