General meeting minutes October 2013

October General Meeting

Minutes of the General Meeting Oct 15, 2013

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance:  Eric, Greg, George, Rheal, Jim and Rhoda, Bob and Win, Mike, Paul, Stan, Daryl, Ralph, Bill, Fred and Madeline, Steve

Meeting called to order at 7:30  pm with Stan in the chair.

Minutes of the July General meeting were read by the secretary. Moved by Jim, seconded by Ralph, the minutes of the July meeting be accepted. Carried.


Old Business – Derek is following up on security cameras. George suggested Boyd Tucker might be able to help. A discussion followed about security and lighting.



Business arising from the minutes


Correspondence –None


Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report-  Lloyd was not present. Our bank balance is $8682.00   A few bills are due which will lower the balance to around $8000.


House –  Steve reported things are good. Rhoda asked for new cookie sheets for the stove. Steve will follow up on this request.

Yard – Paul reported three power boats have been hauled out and a few more are to come out on Oct 26.A boom truck is needed to move some bunks and cribs. One boat will be moved to the extreme end of the rails.

Dudley was not present. The sailboat haulout went well although slow. The club trailer needs some work on the hydraulics. Rheal will look into spreader bars.


Harbour – Eric reported that winterization of club moorings has begun

Some minor moves may be done to align moorings , Andrew’s old one, Jim McAvity’s.  

Please take your mooring floats home or place them with your boats.   Unmarked bouys will be marked RBC and stored. Please check with the Harbourmaster before using the workboat. A discussion followed concerning inappropriate use of the Arby.

It was moved by Rheal and seconded by George, that a letter of reprimand be sent to Ken for excessive personal use of the Arby  beyond the harbour limits. Carried


The Harbour Master’s report continues. Please ensure that your mooring is winterized with 1/2 inch rope.   It does help to put a small foam float below the surface a couple of feet.    Do not leave knots or floats on the rope after the last of the boats are out of the water.  

What is the plan to remove the dinghy docks? (Oct 26)

The Town plans to remove their floats this week.  Members are reminded not to leave their boats tied up to this dock overnight without informing the Harbourmaster with the reason.   (Breakdown, storm etc) this is very important for our relationship with the town.

Two moorings were found in the south side of the Harbour and will be available for refurbishment and sale in the spring.  They are stored south of the breakwater near the shore.

All GPS coordinates of moorings have been checked and recorded.

Outlying moorings have not as yet been winterized.   These will be tended to by PB.

Access to lift trailer. Keys need to be on site. Stan will Followup.   Bill and Eric will add a tank to the hydraulic pump. 

Tshirts from the Dragon Boat Festival are available.  Help your self.

Terry Tomney has not stated he will be wintering his boat in the yard.  Do we do an Exit interview for members who are not returning? Rheal will follow up with Terry.

Bob will not be keeping his boat in the yard.



Social – Win reported that happy hour will start this week. Oct 26 is the date for Octoberfest. Members are asked to let her know if they are attending.


Refreshments – Glen was not present. The frig continues to generate a modest income.

Grounds/Safety/Environment- Greg mowed the lawn today. Everyone present acknowledged his hard work this season.

Membership – Bob was not present.


New Business

The Christmas Party is on Dec 7. George, Rheal and others will organize the party.




Motion to adjourn – Moved by Win, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm

Respectfully submitted;



Daryl Caines


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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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