General meeting minutes and notes. Oct 2012


Note to all
1  Happy hour will resume this Friday .
All welcome
2 Please do not leave outboards or gas tanks in the heritage building.
This building is for club storage only.
If your motor is in the building please remove ASAP

October General Meeting

Minutes of General Meeting October 16, 2012

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance:   Greg Condon, Ralph Hines, Eric Phinney, Win and Robert Taylor, Lloyd Hodgin, Fred and Madeleine Demers, George Walker, Stan Prime, Bob Pinet, Dwight Allaby, Daryl Caines

Meeting called to order at 7:35 pm.

Minutes of the Sept Executive Meeting were read by Eric   M- Eric, S-Lloyd, That the minutes be accepted. Carried


Business arising from the minutes.


In order to set the dues for the new year the Annual Meeting must be held in January.

The Christmas Party will be held on Dec 1.

Suggest the steel rails that are behind the winch house be left where they are for now.

Key for the winch house is in heritage bldg.

The Club house floor has been levelled.


Correspondence – A letter was received from Bonney McNichol concerning dues. Lloyd will check into this.

Committee  reports

Treasurer’s Report   The report was distributed by Lloyd. Items were discussed. The balance for the month was $7689.00.   M-George   S- Greg, the report be accepted. Carried

House – Steve not present. A couple of requests for bookings have been received. The clubhouse windows need attention.  Win asked about a new or newer refrigerator. Also, the need for keeping the freezer was discussed.

Yard – Paul not present. Haul out next weekend. Dinghy docks will be hauled out too. The water is rising in the river. Boats on the shore should be checked regularly.

Harbour – Harbormaster’s Report  October 16, 2012


Club moorings have been winterized. Thanks to Rheal for his help
Terry Tomney’s mooring has been moved 20 feet west of its old location as it was too close to PaulBerube’s mooring
The ArbySea will be moved to the town Dock once our Dinghy Docks are removed.   It is available for members use to winterize moorings.   Please ensure that it is tied up the same way you found it.    Please remove headlines and mooring balls to the shore once you have finished.   Please note that the kill switch is broken and is tied to a little piece of red string…. it still works if you carefully put it in the socket and press it.
The winterization of your moorings is your responsibility and is a requirement of your membership.   If you used a mooring this season then it is your responsibility to see that it is winterized properly.    If you do not do this in a timely manner then the matter will be referred to the commodore and appropriate action taken.
Suggested winterization procedures
As you know there were several ropes that did not surface this spring.  I have a fix for this.
Please remove your mooring ball and headlines and tie a piece of 1/2 inch poly rope (floating) to the chain.   This rope should be approx 35 feet in length.
After the chain has been lowered to the bottom.   Pull it back up by 5 feet and tie a small float.   We are trying to procure some pool noodles and cut them into 1 foot sections.   This will make sure that the floating rope will only have to float up by about 5 feet rather than 25.    If the ice should happen to grab the pool noodle it will easily shred.
It would be good also to mark the end of your line with a float until all the boats are out of the water.  These will be collected by the harbourmaster just before the ArbySea is hauled out.


Membership – George – nothing to report.

Social – Sharon not present. Josh Wright was contacted re: the Oct 27th social.  Babbitt Hayward, is available to do two sets for $400. Dinner will be at 6, music from 8-10. Dec 1 – Christmas party.

Refreshments – Glen not present. A muster of the fridge showed a small profit.

Grounds – Greg has been cutting the grass with his own mower. The club mower has been fixed.

Environment – No report

Safety – No report

New Business

George and Lloyd volunteered for the nominating committee.

Stan asked if a list of club members is available on the website. Eric said the list of the site members can be accessed by members only. A complete club list is not on the site but Eric will add it.

George raised the topic of having a limit placed on the bar.

Constitution committee will address splitting the yard between power and sail.

Lloyd will have a cabinet placed in the Heritage Bldg for treasurer’s records.


Motion to adjourn – at 8:25pm.

Respectfully submitted;

Daryl Caines


About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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