General Meeting July 2014

July General Meeting
Minutes of General Meeting July 15, 2014
Renforth Boat Club

Attendance: Eric, Rheal, Jim and Rhoda, Jamie, Greg, Lloyd, Stan, George, Derek, Ralph, Brian

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm
Minutes of the April General Meeting were read by the secretary. Moved by Eric and seconded by Derek, the minutes be approved as corrected. Carried

Old Business
Business Arising from the Minutes
Moved by Rheal, seconded by Derek, that we accept the proposed evergreen contract. Carried. A notice of motion to change the by-laws will be sent to the membership. This will be Drafted by Lloyd

Correspondence – None

Committee reports

Treasurer’s Report – Lloyd summarized the financial report. A balance of $ 21164.00 is in the current account. Money to be deposited is in the amount of $1161.00. Two members have not paid dues.

House – Paul not present

Yard – Paul and Dudley not present

Harbour – Harbormaster’s report

1. Damages. 5 boats damaged, 4 members one non member. Note: With proper gear and maintenance none of this would have happened. This would include regular replacement of headlines, stripping of sails and loose articles during storms, lifting moorings for inspection every 5 years. Two headlines, chafing gear.
2. New to us workboat ‘Arthur’. Keys with Harbormaster, Commodore, also in heritage building. May be used by members with permission of harbormaster or Commodore. Training is required.
Bilge pump installed, roller and heavy cleat installed.
3. Temporary mooring assignments have been made. Still more to come.
4. A mooring has been moved up to the front of the dinghy docks for use of the Arthur
5. Mel Vincent’s old mooring has been relocated to Cathlines , needs to be rigged.
6. Other moorings in the river, report: Barlows is now rigged McCormicks has yet to be rigged.
7. Jim Macavity’s old mooring is temporally off station and will be re positioned for use by a new member.
8. Recommend Terry Tomney’s old mooring go to Greg Condon
9. Diving is required to find bill Allan’s mooring which broke
10. Old Arby Sea should be disposed of. Will be removed from the water and put on its trailer.
11. Cable for gallows winch is not working. Being repaired.
12. Volunteers are needed for dragon boat race course.
13. At least two moorings moved during the storm. They may be needed to be repositioned
14. With the rain today and tomorrow. I recommended that the town temporarily remove the chains from the floating docks as the river will likely flood. They have not acted on this as yet. They have however put up a sign.


Membership – Members who have not paid their dues will be contacted by phone.

Social – Win not present

Refreshments – Steve not present

Grounds – Fallen trees can be cut up and taken by the members. A clean up will be held on Monday, July 21 at 6pm. Chain saws and tools will be needed.
Derek drew attention to the number of trailers in the yard. These will be relocated by the owners.

New Business
George travelled to St George to view a new dock that sells for $2200. Greg looked at the website for Bill Kelly on the Belleisle. Docks are available there at a lower cost. A discussion followed. Moved by Derek seconded by Lloyd, we approach Bill Kelly to have him make a quote. Carried . George will contact him .
George circulated 3 options for a new septic system. These are attached to these minutes. Rheal moved we look further into option 3, seconded by Derek. Carried. Lloyd will approach the Town with our decision.
Rhoda brought up the topic of ID for vehicles. This will be looked into.

Motion to adjourn – Moved by Eric Meeting adjourned at 8:55.

Respectfully Submitted

Daryl Caines

About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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