Feb minutes

Feb Executive Meeting

Minutes of Executive Meeting Feb 19, 2013

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance: Lloyd, Paul, Eric, Win and Bob, Ralph, Stan, George, Derek, Jim and Rhoda, Greg, Bob, Kevin, Daryl

Meeting called to order at 7:35 pm.

Minutes of the November Executive meeting were read by the secretary. Moved by George, Seconded by Derek, that the minutes of the Nov Executive meeting be accepted. Carried

Old Business – Outboard not sold yet.
Dusk to dawn light still temperamental.
Old furnace has been removed.

Business arising from the minutes.

Correspondence – Rhoda submitted a memo circulated to RKYC members with reference to tarps. Contains good information for our members.

Committee Reports- The list of committee chairs were presented

Treasurer’s Report- Lloyd circulated the treasurer’s report – $2505 inflow – $2784 outflow. Current balance $5214. Moved by Lloyd, Seconded by Greg the report be accepted. Carried

House – Steve not present. A loss of heat over the past month resulted in some damaged pipes. Scott took on the job of repairing the damaged plumbing. Eric recommended the house committee add, “checking the propane level” to the duty list.

Yard – Paul will chair power boats for another year. Dudley will do sailboat haul out and launch.

Harbour – Longshaft outboard has been serviced. Old outboard will be placed for sale on Kijiji.
Brad is not renewing membership. His mooring should cover any monies outstanding on his account.
Eric volunteered to take pictures of past commodores for display on the clubhouse wall.

Social – Win Taylor has agreed to be the chair of this committee. Happy hour will commence this Friday, Feb 22.

Refreshments – Glen not present but his report was received. Sales for Jan/Feb show a small profit of $55.16

Grounds – Greg agreed to chair this committee for another year. Safety and environment have been added to his responsibilities.

Membership – Bob Pinet has agreed to chair this committee. Bob’s name and contact number will be added to the website

New Business

The membership list needs to be updated. Eric will generate a new list if given the info.

Stan wants to reinstitute a membership card to be issued when dues are paid up.

Rheal is to be approached about a fixture card.

Derek asked about security cameras. Everyone agreed cameras are needed. A large discussion followed. Derek will follow up and report next meeting

Thanks is extended to Scott for his work repairing the frozen pipes.

Motion to adjourn – Moved by Paul, the meeting adjourned at 8:25pm

Respectfully submitted;

Daryl Caines


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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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