Feb Executive Meeting Minutes

Renforth Boat Club
Feb 17,2015

Present Derek I., Rheal and Kathy G., Lloyd H., George W., Eric P., Jamie P., Jim and Rhoda F, ,Scott L., Rick W.,

Called to order. 07:40

Old Minutes:
Motion to approve: George W. Move to second Lloyd H.
Minutes approved

Business arising: none

Correspondence none.

Treasurer report:
$7856 balance
$490 outstanding cheques
$420 to deposit

Motion: Lloyd H.
The names of those with RBC signing authority be listed in these minutes as:
Commodore: Eric Phinney
Vice Commodore: Derek Ingleton
Treasurer: Lloyd Hodgin
Seconded by Rick W. Motion carried

Commodore report: Update of duties for Vice and Rear Commodore and Secretary were presented

Appointment of committees was put forward
Social and Yard Master for crane Haul out and Cradle Storage are outstanding. A memo will be put out seeking volunteers by Eric P and Derek I.

House: Paul Jones
Harbour: Scott Langille
Yard: Jamie Patterson
Grounds and environment: Greg Condon
Membership: Rheal Guimond
Refreshments: Steve Hanson
By Laws and Constitution: Dwight Alleby
Audit: Derek I., Daryl C., Dwight A.
Flags: Daryl C.
Capital Projects: Lloyd H.
Long Range projects Lloyd H.

General Discussion:
Extra billing for non-committee or workers (volunteers) What does it look like? Bylaw change required. Do we charge or work? Tabled to next executive meeting

House : no report

Yard : Launch date to be set in the near future.

Harbour : Frozen. Dingy dock floats are in stock and will be picked up soon. Rheal volunteered himself and George to pick them up.

Membership: No new members General discussion on what do we do as we have room for 5 to 6 full time membership?
Ideas put forward were:
Put on web site say new members welcome along with Applications. Electronic board in Renforth.

Social : Rhoda and Jim did volunteer for at least the short term.

Grounds : no report

Refreshments : no report

New business :

Capital projects:
Toilet removed, floor removed as was rotten. Repairs required in spring.
Sills look good. A 3 inch drop was noted in the floor. Can be jacked. Lloyd still looking into for permanent septic fix tunnel.

March 14th as date for Saint Patrick’s Day party tentatively planned for Rheal and Kathy G. home.

Old business
Burgees to be given to the Rear Commodore Rick Wright.

Motion to adjourn:
Derek I. Seconded lloyd H.

Respectfully submitted

Derek Ingleton
Acting secretary

About Eric Phinney

Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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