Clubhouse Rentals
1. Each member may rent the clubhouse and facilities for private/ personal functions twice per year. A maximum of 40 people is allowed in the building.

2. Bookings are made with the House Committee Chair using the Calendars provided on the Club’s Notice Board.   Bookings are unavailable on Friday, Saturday or Sunday during the months of June, July and August. If there is no conflict, then use an “Activity Form” to acknowledge the booking indicating date, start and finished times, and name and of the Club member. Sign the form..
Once a booking is confirmed you will be assessed and billed the rental fee.

3. It is expected the clubhouse will be left in a neat and clean condition, including cookware and utensils, floors, counters and bathroom.
4. Clubhouse use for private functions not permitted from Friday to Sunday from June 1st to Sept. 1st.

5. You are responsible for any damages and additional charges to make repairs may arise.

Any equipment/appliance malfunctions or shortages of consumables should be reported to the House Committee Chair.

Propane Heater Settings and Operation
The following table indicates the number setting on the dial of the propane heater and corresponding temperature the thermostat will produce:
1 – 12.5 degrees C
2 – 15.0 degrees C
3 – 17.5 degrees C
4 – 20.0 degrees C
5 – 22.5 degrees C
Please observe the following settings when using the propane heater.
Set the dial at 4 during spring and fall to bring temperature up to 20 C.
Set the dial at 5 during winter months to bring temperature up to 20 C and adjust accordingly to comfort.
Set the dial at less than “2” when building is vacant.
Using these settings will standardize the operation of the propane heater and optimize propane usage.

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