Executive Meeting Sept 15, 2010

Renforth Boat Club


Date: September 15, 2010


Topic:  Executive Meeting


Present: Rheal Guimond, George Walker, Andrew MacIntyre, Derek Ingleton, Stan Prime, Gary Jones, Paul Berube, Kevin Wright and Eric Phinney.


Call the meeting to order 7:27 pm


Reading of the minutes for August, motion to accept minutes by Rheal and 2nd by Derek Ingleton.


Current minutes:




Motion to accept treasurer report by Paul Berube 2nd by Andrew MacIntyre.




Renforth boat club flags purchased from a company in California.








Discussion on the fee for moving trailer moving boats and estimated an annual billing of ~$3000.00 and suggesting possible billing avenues to reduce this annual expense.  There could be a payback of two or three years for an electric/hydraulic trailer to shunt boats from the wharf to the yard and back.  There is a requirement to move smaller boats and trailers as well.  There could be a possibility to acquire some equipment or rent to achieve the task at hand.  Need to acquire before haul out giving an immediate payback.  There is sufficient resources to acquire the trailer and there is pending new members joining in the spring.


Motion by George Walker to move forward in purchase of said equipment offer $2500 but pay $3000 if necessary 2nd by Derek Ingleton. Passed.


Haul out scheduled for September 18, 2010




Member Chris Northrup has not paid to re-join and has a standing balance from last year.  Suggest giving him a call and give him till the end of the month or 30 days to pay up or return the keys to the facilities.  Least effective is a letter and a personal visit most effective.  To be called this week.  Bart Day still has a balance showing and has quit membership but may rejoin next year.  Wayne Jacquard has quit membership and has removed his tender etc.  When member quits the annual fee is not pro-rated refunded and a by-law amendment may be necessary.








Grounds and Environment:

Discussion on the drain through the parking lot diverts drainage away from Bonnie MacNichol’s property.  Concerns with the water line are now buried beneath the drain pipe.  There is a lot of clay removed from the excavation.






Safety Report:


Be safe.


Business arising from the minutes:




On the question:


Not applicable


New business:


Not applicable


Motion to adjourn by  Gary Jones 2nd Derek Ingleton .


Respectfully Submitted,



Andrew MacIntyre

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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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