Executive meeting Nov


Nov Executive Meeting

Minutes of Executive Meeting Nov 18, 2014

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance: Rhael, George, Steve, Win and Bob, Lloyd, Paul, Stan, Paul, Brian, Daryl

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm.

Minutes of the September Executive meeting were read. Moved by Lloyd , seconded by Paul , that the minutes of the Aug Executive meeting be accepted. Carried

Old Business –

Business arising from the minutes.

Correspondence – Nature Trust asking for donation if not already done.
Committee Reports-

Treasurer’s Report- $9392.00 reported in the current account $400 o/s cheques Bills for Oct will be in the binder this week

House – Rhael – no report

Yard – Paul reported that his boat was entered. Steve, Derek had their boats entered. Otherwise the yard is in order. The winch cable has to be put away. Does the yard have to be ploughed for insurance purposes? Contact with be made with contractor.

Harbour – No report

Social – Christmas party plans going well. Plan for Levee also underway

Refreshments – $ 16.62 profit reported.

Grounds – No report

Membership – No report. An updated membership list will be distributed.


New Business

Nothing to add to previous report on the septic system. Spring time Lloyd will renew his efforts.

Just the cable to put away in the yard



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