Executive Meeting Minutes

June Executive Meeting

Minutes of Executive Meeting June 13, 2012 (note change in date)

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance:  Lloyd Hodgin, George Walker, Rhoda and Jim Flood, Bill Allan, Derek Ingleton, Stan Prime, Daryl Caines, Eric, Rheal.

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm.

Minutes of the May meeting were read by the secretary.   It was noted that Brad Bourque has George’s old mooring, not Steve Milbury.   M-George,  S-Lloyd,  that the minutes be accepted as corrected. Carried

Business arising from the minutes.

Correspondence –  A Letter from  Max Herrington was received requesting his son Bruce be added as the mate on the membership list. A discussion followed. The secretary will contact Max for clarification of the request. His son is free to use the boat and dock without being designated as a mate. The matter will, however, be referred to the constitution committee.

Derek received an Email from Chris Gallant. Can he be an associate member this year without having a boat? A discussion followed concerning his status. Derek will speak to Chris.

Committee  reports

Treasurer’s  Report   The report was distributed by Lloyd. Items were discussed. The balance for the month was $11609.78.  M-Lloyd, S-George,  that the report be accepted.  Carried   Lloyd clarified who is to be charged launch fees. Brad Bourque will be charged $400 for his mooring.

House-   Steve not available. Robin and Greg should not be on the duty list. House committee chair is responsible to call those on duty.  Club keys will now work on the frig lock.

Yard-  Paul not present. Ken Durling’s boat needs to be hauled out for a survey. Steve Milbury waiting to be launched.

Harbour-  Report

Clarification was made regarding the billing of members for the use of Chain.   Because of discrepancies the harbour master is not recommending the purchase of any more chain unless it is kept in a secure location.
Billing for mooring purchases:  Brad bourque,   Bob Pinnette

There are several vacant club owned moorings available.  Members requiring a mooring should speak directly to the harbourmaster so that a suitable mooring can be sold to them.

Mooring in stalled for gallows off the end of the small breakwater.   This location ensures that it can be monitored by our security cam.

Guest mooring available behind Daryl Caines.   It is white with a blue stripe.  If a member offers this for use to a guest it should be reported to the Harbourmaster.

From the Town of Rothesay: Paving done today.   Floating docks next week.   Signs being installed. The  town has also been advised that there is a tender tied up to the town dock that does not belong to a member.

Dragon boat marks are in.

No wake bouy painted and installed

Dive to find 3.   Two more to go

Tracks inspected need significant balastingEric will check the distance from his mooring and adjacent moorings. New bumpers were installed on the dingy dock. A few more would be nice. M-Derek, S- George, that we buy  two more boxes of bumpers. Carried. New cleats will be ordered for the dingy dock.

Membership –  Ed not present. George was speaking with Paul Curwin concerning membership. A short discussion followed. M-George, S- Eric,  that Paul be invited to become an associate member. Carried

Social –  Sharon not present. Dwight will call Fred about Canada Day celebrations. Stan will follow up.

Refreshments – Glen not present. The frig muster is short again. Pop and water are missing as well as liquor, wine and beer. Do we need to change the way we measure spirits and wine? Perhaps the use of a scale to weigh spirit bottles. It was noted that mix is not charged for mixed drinks.

Grounds –  Greg doing a good job. Grass and brush around the sign needs attention. Stan will have the old mower serviced.

Environment – There is a barrel of used oil by the winch house that needs to be addressed.

Safety –  No report.

New Business

Rheal asked about a club membership booklet similar to other clubs. Stan will ask Kevin if he is interested in doing this project.

George spoke about the retaining wall. Two contractors were contacted, Flood and Renforth Construction.  Renforth would take two days at a cost of  $2600, Flood four days and $7600.

M- George S- Derek   that we accept the Renforth tender. Carried.  Rheal will notify the contractor.

George was asked if we need another battery for the power trailer.  Eric suggested this be tabled until the fall.

Dan Coles is attempting to sell his boat.

Eric asked if we are following up on piles for the dingy dock. New piles are in the budget. Rheal has spoken to the RYC. We must acquire the piles and decide where they are to be placed. The secretary will initiate a letter to the RYC, for the Commodore’s signature,  requesting the use of their driver and operator.

A letter will be written to the Town notifying the Town of our intention to renew the lease.

George asked who is the chair of the membership committee. Stan will call Ed and clarify Ed`s position on the committee.

A discussion followed on then use of the club on weekends. It was resolved to make no changes.

Motion to adjourn –   Eric- Carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:39pm.



Respectfully submitted;

Daryl Caines


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