Executive Meeting May 18, 2010

Renforth Boat Club


Date: May 18, 2010


Topic:  Executive Meeting


Present: Rheal Guimond, Gary Jones, George and Sharon Walker, Andrew MacIntyre, Paul Berube, Derek Ingleton, Stan Prime, Chris Gallant, Ken and Sandra Durning, Jim and Rhoda Flood, Fred Demers, Dwight Allaby, Dan Walker, Eric Phinney, Rick Wright, Greg and Robin Condon, Paul Curwin.


Calling the meeting to order 19:30


General Meeting:


Call the meeting to order 7:33 pm


Reading of the minutes for February 9, 2010.  Motion by Jim McAvity 2nd by Jim Flood.


Current minutes:


Treasurer:  Time of the year when some cash flow starts to happen.  Looks good for membership for 2010 with very few left to pay.   Most of the expenses since last month have been directed at the harbour boat Arbey Sea.  Much needed for the club as it makes the work that needs to be done during launch etc much more productive for working members.  Alot of work has been done to make sure all moorings are accounted for etc.  A sum of money has been directed to a savings account to adhere to the constitutional by-law of having $5000.00 minimum in the bank.


Motion to accept treasurer report by Derek Ingleton 2nd by George Walker.


House:  Spent $31.70 for supplies.


Yard:  Launch of sailboats for this weekend everyone must be present otherwise will hold up the process.  Make sure all equipment is labelled and can be found if not will be headed for landfill.  Start time is at 9:00 with crane scheduled to be here at 11:30.  Dinghy docks should be considered to be put in during this weekend hopefully crane operator is available.  Logistical details already thought about and should go according to plan.  Get all of the boats in the water first and then people can spend time getting masts to the wharf etc. Planning for 12 sailboats for the weekend and balance during the powerboat weekend, June 5, 2010.


Harbour:  A couple of new moorings placed and the new electric winch works very well and the Arbey Sea as well.  A number of other issues have been pointed out with moorings.  A couple of moorings tangled and some with other hardware requirements.  Alot of work to untangle the two moorings.  Another mooring has been found with a huge amount of bottom chain.  Eric is available to dive to check out the tracks as Paul Jones wanted to launch this weekend if possible.  The dinghy dock moorings have to be located with hardware to be installed.  Good visibility in the water should be able to see a lot.  Discussion on the semantics of checking moorings and there should be a fee for service as there is expense of doing this the right way especially the diving part.  To do the dive portion it should be a minimum charge of $50.00 for air and equipment.  As far as the assistance required that would be left to the individual member to coordinate the work to be done.  A charge should be also considered for the use of the harbour boat and the gallows.  Refer to an executive meeting to further discuss the fee structure and how the process would work.  With Eric Phinney to table a proposal for the meeting.


Membership:  There are 37 fulltime members and 11 associate members.  No new prospects.  There is room for a few more boats on the sliders.  The yard is full of boats and potential to fill spaces with new sail boaters.  The yard surface needs to be coated with additional gravel for a more secure base.


Social: Monica Tomney not present.


Grounds and Environment:  Taking out a few trees for the end of the day after the boats are out of the yard.


Refreshments:  Little slow on collecting money for the bar tab for this time of year it will catch up.


Safety Report:  Everybody work safe.  Safety shoes need to be worn in the slider area when launching boats.


Business arising from the minutes:  There is an article in the constitution for meeting times with George Walker making a motion to change the meeting time to the third Tuesday of the month.  2nd by Ken Durning.


On the question:  Dwight Allaby indicated that changing the constitution is not being conducted properly.  After a lengthy discussion and voted on to accepted.  Produce a copy of the amended constitution which was hand written and an electronic copy to be produced by the club secretary.


New business:  none


Motion to adjourn by Derek Ingleton 2nd Paul Berube.


Respectfully Submitted,



Andrew MacIntyre

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