Executive meeting March 2013


Minutes of Executive Meeting Mar 19, 2013

Renforth Boat Club

Attendance:  Lloyd, Dudley, Derek, Ralph, Eric, Stan, Glen, Paul, Rheal, Rhoda and Jim, Daryl, Gus,Dick

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm.

Minutes of the February Executive meeting were read by the secretary. Moved by Lloyd, seconded byPaul, that the minutes of the February Executive meeting be accepted. Carried.

Old Business – Derek met with Munro Electronics and did a walk around of the property. Eight cameras were recommended that are computer based. The Munro representative did not get back to Derekin time for this meeting. Derek will continue to follow up.

Eric reported that the outboard is listed on Kijiji.

Stan spoke about foam Insulation for under the clubhouse. A large discussion followed. Stan is waiting for more information on foam application.

Eric is compiling information on membership. He is continuing his efforts to acquire pictures of past commodores for the Club.



Business arising from the minutes.


Correspondence – none


Committee  Reports

Treasurer’s Report-  Lloyd circulated the treasurer’s report. Inflow  was $3817.95,  outflow was$2757.01.   The bank balance is $7020.00.  Moved  by Lloyd and seconded by Rheal that the treasurer’s report be accepted. Carried.   The hydro bill is still high. Moved by Rheal and seconded by Eric that we purchase a Watts-Up meter to monitor energy usage. Carried.

House –  Steve was not present. A new duty list, however, was circulated.

Yard – Paul suggested a first launch date of May 25. The second launch would follow on June 8.

Harbour –Eric reported that Mike Walsh will not be returning. His mooring is available. Brad Bourque’s mooring is also available.

The outboard is listed on kijiji for $600.

Eric felt that members should be trained on the operation and securing of the RBC. Moved by Eric and seconded by Derek to have this referred to the bylaws committee. Carried

Eric brought up the topic of the use of the floating dock at the Town wharf. Boats are being left at the dock for extended periods. Lloyd will pursue this with the Town.



Social – Win was not present. Lloyd announced a ham dinner is being planned for April 6.


Refreshments – Glen gave his report. A profit of $56.66 was realized for the last reporting period.

Grounds/Safety/Environment- Greg was not present

Membership – Bob is updating the membership list.  


New Business

Stan circulated a prototype of a membership card and fixture card. A large discussion followed and modifications were suggested. Overall the cards were favourably received.

Maintenance items for 2013 were tabled

  Stain club house and deck

  Shingle Heritage Bldg

  Repair drains in parking lot

  Finish and install cabinet in old furnace room

  Weather stripping on doors and windows

A large discussion followed identifying necessary repairs and improvements and their respective priorities.



Motion to adjourn – Moved by Dudley, the meeting adjourned at 8:40pm


Respectfully submitted;



Daryl Caines



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Past Commodore Renforth Boat Club Rector of Renforth (St. James the Less Church)
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